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I have been playing Destiny since the beginning. It wasn't until recently however that I actually began to take the game serious. The lore, the Destiny Universe… All of it has got to be some of the most intriguing and interesting game content that I have ever come across. It all feels so complete and fleshed out. The more I play, the deeper I want to go… The deeper I go, the more obsessed I get with wanting to discover Destiny's secrets! I literally have been saving and collecting lore tabs. Waiting till I have a huge stack of them unread so that I can sit back and read them as if I am reading a book. I can't help it… I'm hooked. It really makes me mad in that it took me so long to get into Destiny in that I have missed out on so much content and so many stories that coincide with pervious seasons.

The one thing that held be back in the past was endgame content. I kicked the "multiplayer bucket" several years ago (more on that later). If ya wanna dig deep into Destiny and really experience everything it has to offer, I gotta participate in the endgame and the endgame relies heavily on multiplayer content. That is where the "Thanks for This" comes in. I need every bit of this information if I wanna "get good" so that I don't piss off or let anyone down in the middle of a raid, strike or Gambit match. So thank you to everyone who took time out of their life and participated in the creation of this most useful content. I'm tellin ya… I desperately need this. I am really looking forward to Beyond Light and I need to make sure I am ready when it finally releases. Currently I am goin after exotics. Sure I can get them quickly through Xur, but doing things the easy way cuts out a ton of lore and quests… All of everything that I love about Destiny.


One of the things that kept me from doing anything "multiplayer" was how toxic gamers can get. I am 43yrs old and have been gaming since I was 10. I actually LOVE FPS multiplayer action, but the toxicity just got to be to much and I gave it up shortly after the release of Battlefield 2. The awesomeness of Destiny's universe got me back into it. For the most part the Destiny Community seems to be great, but I haven't played anything serious yet… Just a couple of strikes, crucible and Gambit matches. Now that I am getting ready to venture into raids and nightfall strikes I need to up my game and that brought me here.

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to everything that has anything to do with helping out noobs like me. Thank you to everyone who has been patient with us noobs and most important.. Thank YOU for being YOU!

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