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Thanks from a Day One guardian

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I am a day one Destiny player. I remember I worked across from a Microsoft store and noticed some kind of advertising in passing that I didn’t really pay attention to. Then some buddies from work invited me to go over to checkout Bungie’s “next killer game.” I had no idea it was even coming out, I felt almost embarrassed as a huge Halo fan. Then a coworker showed me a live action trailer and I was hooked. Preordered immediately, showed up at midnight the way I had for every Halo release, and I finished the campaign the night it released.

I was so underwhelmed. I think we ended up drinking so much and laughing at the story that we couldn’t even remember what the campaign was about. Then the next day I jumped on Destiny and I loaded up the Crucible…and I was captivated. It was so much fun. Frustrating at first (fuuuuck Mythoclast), but so much fun. The different classes, the weapon diversity; all I wanted was PvP. I didn’t even do Vault of Glass till well after Crota’s End.


Then I moved halfway across the US and found myself in the snowy Midwest. Kind of a tough time in my life, uprooting myself and moving halfway across the country. I got to my new place, plugged in my Xbox and fired up Destiny. I had some friends from home that I played with for a bit, tried not to lose touch. You know how it is. But then I matched with some players that happened to live within minutes and hours of my new home. It was a miracle to me. This game and the friends I made through it became lifelong friends. We met in real life, came from vastly different backgrounds. I worked in healthcare, some worked in comics, some worked in HVAC, one worked in freakin Hollywood. But we had this game that brought us together. Not only them but even the story of Destiny kept me invested and excited as I eagerly awaited new chapters, new stories, the return of old and familiar guns and locations and characters. To some at this point, so many years into Destiny, these seem like recycled bits aimed at cashing in on nostalgia. Sure, maybe it is, but it all just means so much to me. When I had no friends, a new state, a new career, a new home…this game connected me to fellow guardians in a way I’m not sure would have happened otherwise. I had a community that followed me and supported me and gave me a way out from anxiety, creeping depression, and uncertainty. We like to joke around with every trade, every death behind a wall, and every whiffed melee that this game is like the crazy ex girlfriend who keeps hitting you up and roping you back in.

Yeah this game has its, sometimes inexplicable, faults. But there is so much passion in it. The call backs, the lore, the music, the overarching story that Destiny is trying to tell. There’s a lot of negativity right now and I just wanted to let the community, and even Bungie (they’ll never see this haha) know that this game means a lot to some of us.

Many of us guardians are just as passionate about the game as I’m sure employees at Bungie are. I just wanted to contribute some positivity here. So, what are you favorite memories of the game?

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