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The Anti-Champion System Needs an Overhaul

destiny2 5 - The Anti-Champion System Needs an Overhaul

Allow me to preface this by saying that I personally have no issue with Champions themselves. Whether you think they're a good addition to PvE is another debate. How we combat them, however, is a major pain point for me (or rather how limited our choices are). To illustrate this, look at the current season:

Anti-Barrier: Sidearm or SMG, (Eriana's Vow). 5 primary weapon types excluded from Anti-Barrier capabilities, all legendary specials, all legendary heavies, and all but 1 exotic.

Unstoppable: Handcannons or Solar Melee, (Devil's Ruin), (Leviathan's Breath). 6 primary weapon types excluded from Unstoppable Capabilities, all legendary specials, all legendary heavies, and all but 2 exotics.

Overload: Sidearms/Handcannons, Auto Rifles/SMGs, Swords, (Divinity), Surge Detonators. 4 primary weapon types excluded from Overload capabilities, all legendary specials, all but one legendary heavy type, and all but 1 exotic.

If we also take into account the Solar Melee option from Unstoppable mods this season, than all but one grenade element and one melee element are excluded from Anti-Champion play as well this season.

This system is choking all variety out of endgame PvE, as I've hopefully illustrated above.

What are some possible solutions to this lack of variety?

1.) Remove Anti-Champion mods from Artifacts entirely, and turn them into general mods, mostly for primaries (e.g. Counterbalance Stock or Backup Mag). We should have a general Anti-Barrier mod applicable and always available to all primaries, a general Unstoppable Mod applicable and always available to all primaries, et cetera.


2.) Almost all exotics need to have some Anti-Champion mod intrinsic to them, regardless of weapon type, it's an exotic weapon for Christs sake. All but 4 exotics are ineligible for Anti-Champion play. Some of them are so damn obvious too; Why does Arbalest not have Anti-Barrier? Why does Heir Apparent not have Anti-Barrier? Or Sweet Business not having Overload Rounds (just a few examples). Almost all exotics need to have the potential to shine in the endgame sandbox.

3.) Bring Anti-Champion mods to specials and heavies as well. Whether I would generalize these mods like I would primaries is a bit of a different story. I'm unsure if a special weapon should have access to all three Anti-Champion mods, or if we have them specialize a particular Champion. The same goes for heavies as well, but I'm more open to having their mods generalized than specials.

4.) I think Inferno Whip and Surge Detonators are good ideas for mods, and that we can build on them. Have more grenades and melee abilities carry Anti-Champion capabilities. You base this off element or even the nature of the ability. Shoulder Charges could stagger Unstoppable Champions for example, Throwing Knives could break Barrier Champions shields, et cetera. You could even throw our supers into the mix: Thundercrash, Blade Barrage, and Nova Bomb could stagger unstoppables. Arc Staff, Fist of Havoc and Stormtrance could be used against Overload champs, et cetera.

I'm not sure if Bungie should consider implementing all of these, mind you. If you have too many options to deal with Champions they become a bit too impotent. Not enough options and you get what GM Nightfall load-outs have been reduced to. (Seriously the only two energy weapons I've seen used in GM Nightfall's is Recluse and Eriana's Vow, the lack of variety is depressing).

TL:DR: Please give us more ways to deal with Champions, Bungie.

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