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The Biggest Issue w/ Sunsetting that nobody has seemed to mention…

destiny2 9 - The Biggest Issue w/ Sunsetting that nobody has seemed to mention...

It hasn't even happened yet.

Yes, I understand that the rage nowadays at
DTG - The Biggest Issue w/ Sunsetting that nobody has seemed to mention...

r/DTG is to just instantly flame every post that doesn't agree w/ "sunsetting is bad" but hear me out.

  1. We have people already freaking out this season over The Gnawing Hunger and a few other weapons (rightfully so) being RE-ISSUED w/ the same perks but higher light levels.

This plays directly into the narrative of "This is EXACTLY what we KNEW would happen with sunsetting and NOBODY listened to us!" EXCEPT they are missing a very VITAL piece of information. None of those weapons were ever actually sunset. Not a single one of them. They were just reissued into the world loot engram. Bungie has also already admitted that this season would be awkward w/ some weapons due to the current mix of both the old and the new system but come September things will fall into place and make more sense. Also, to my knowledge both of the CM's have expressed understanding of the communities desire to "infuse" old version of weapons into the new versions light etc IF the same roll is available and have passed that feedback onto the proper team.

We have gone through a "sunset" phase every few years in Destiny and every single time before they never told us it was happening. They just dropped it on us. This time around they gave us clear time frames for how long things would be relevant for and have given us much easier ways to farm for things in respect to us grinding for specific rolls etc.

  1. Bungie has ALREADY proven this season that they are 100% capable of making new and exciting weapons / perks for us. Witherhold is an incredible exotic, the new exotic trace rifle looks insane and all of new Recepter weapons have insane potential for perk sets that don't require us to fall back on "outlaw kill clip etc".

The community had the same knee jerk reaction weapon Armor 2.0 AND the artifact came out and look what happened? We are now capable of some absolutely nasty builds that wouldn't have been possible in 1.0 due to armor mods and seasonal mods.


Is there reason to be worried/anxious about the implementation of sunsetting? Absolutely.

Is there a reason to lambaste Bungie and say things like "you don't care about this game/you're killing this game". Absolutely not.

Does Bungie make mistakes? Absofuckinglutely

But guess what Bungie also does, more often than not. Creates amazing experiences that are unrivaled in nearly every game that's ever come out.

This community LOVES to sit here an act like Bungie is the worst thing thats ever happened to video games and that Destiny is just this massive pile of dog shit, when in reality its far from that.

They have stated that this needs to happen on a yearly basis so that they can create unique and powerful weapons w/ out having to worry about balancing content around certain weapons, forever. If we went with the communities knee jerk response of "just make better perks than kill clip and outlaw/rampage/swashbuckler" we would hit such insane levels of power creep that every single new thing in the game would be like the reckoning. Then guess what would happen? The community would complain that stuff is too difficult.

They showed have CONSISTENTLY showed us w/ every single major expansion that they are capable of continuously upping the game and nailing nearly every aspect of what they are launching. We have every single right to hold Bungie to a ridiculously high caliber and standard but we can't sit here and act like all they ever do is make mistakes.

I know this might be the craziest thing you've ever heard but why don't we for ONCE as a community, allow things to actually be launched in full and experience something before we absolutely shit on Bungie.

I know this will be downvoted into oblivion but I feel like it had to be said.

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