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The complete list of weapons being retired (season per season)

destiny2 9 - The complete list of weapons being retired (season per season)

I've seen plenty of posts arguing for or against gear retirement, but I couldn't find an actual list of when my favorite weapons will be sunset.

So I went ahead and built a somewhat complete list including all Pinnacles, Rituals, most popular weapons (based on usage on PVP and PVE), and groups based on sources.

You can find the list here.

The web version has an image for each weapon and includes all the sunsetting "rules" I've gathered from Bungie's posts so far.

Here you have the text version too:

Fall 2020: Season 12: Big expansion

► Weapons and armor from Seasons 1-8:

Pinnacle (and Ritual) weapons impactedOther weapons impacted
Strikes:► All Black Armory weapons, including:
Loaded Question – Fusion RifleHammerhead – Machine Gun
Oxygen SR3 – Scout RifleGalliard-42 XN7568 – Auto Rifle
Wendigo GL3 – Grenade LauncherBlast Furnace – Pulse Rifle
Edgewise – Machine GunKindled Orchid – Hand Cannon
Crucible:► All Menagerie weapons, including:
Luna's Howl – Hand CannonBeloved – Sniper Rifle
Not Forgotten – Hand CannonAustringer – Hand Cannon
Redrix's Broadsword – Pulse RifleDrang (Baroque) – Sidearm
The Mountaintop – Grenade Launcher► Also:
Recluse – Submachine GunSpare Rations – Hand Cannon
Revoker – Sniper RifleMindbender's Ambition – Shotgun
Randy's Throwing Knives – Scout RifleBygones – Pulse Rifle
Gambit:Dust Rock Blues – Shotgun
Breakneck – Assault RifleGnawing Hunger – Assault Rifle
21% Delirium – Machine Gun► All Iron Banner weapons.
Hush – Combat Bow► All Escalation protocol weapons.
Exit Strategy – Submachine Gun► All Moon, Altars of Sorrow, and Vex Offensive weapons.

Winter 2020: Season 13

► Weapons and armor from Seasons 9

Pinnacle (and Ritual) weapons impactedOther weapons impacted
► Strikes:► All Obelisk weapons, including:
Buzzard – SidearmSteelfeather Repeater – Assault Rifle
► Crucible:Breachlight – Sidearm
Komodo-4FR – Linear Fusion RifleMartyr's Retribution – Grenade Launcher
► Gambit:Perfect Paradox – Shotgun
Python – Shotgun► World drops:
The Old Fashioned – Hand Cannon
Last Hope – Sidearm

Spring 2021: Season 14

► Weapons and armor from Seasons 10:

Pinnacle (and Ritual) weapons impactedOther weapons impacted
► Iron Banner:► All Trials of Osiris weapons, including:
Point of the Stag – Combat BowAstral Horizon – Shotgun
► Hidden Quest:The Summoner – Assault Rifle
Felwinter's Lie – ShotgunEye of Sol – Sniper Rifle
► World drops:
Dire Promise – Hand Cannon
Interference VI – Grenade Launcher
► All Seventh Seraph weapons.

Hopefully, we'll learn more about their "sunsetting" rules in today's TWAB as everyone keeps imagining the worst.

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