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The Cooler Hawkmoon

destiny2 6 - The Cooler Hawkmoon

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Trinity Ghoul and Xenophage had a baby? Don't worry, i won't blame you if you don't spend your time thinking about copulation between guns, but it's a hobby of mine.

Now, you might be asking yourself: What in the Travelers's name is this God-Forsak- Nay, this God-Shadowkept topic? It's simple: DISCOVERY. Mine, and now also yours!

Boy oh boy, when Hawkmoon launched i was in love! In love with the design, with the firing sound, the reload, the damage… Oh, the damage, so good! Also the cacaw, especially the cacaw. But as i kindly delivered my rip and my tear upon the enemies of the traveler, there was one small bug in the back of my head saying: "Yo, you seem this before, you know?". At first, i simply told Omar to shut the hell up, but then i realized that i had indeed seem this before, and i had seem it in a even better way. Could it be that Omar was right in saying that i was simply using an watered down unoriginal idea but with extra cacaw? I was not amused with this thought.

So there i went looking into my vault, searching for that one weapon that was the Cacaw before the Cacaw. One after the other i rigorously inspected in search of the screeb that has been haunting my dreams, and when i did find it i realized that what i was looking for was greater than a simple screek from a dumb, possibly featherless, bird. Oh no no, it was much MUCH greater…

…Because you see, while your weapon goes "Cacaw", mine goes…


And i wept! I wept at my unforgivable ignorance. How could I forget about my love? My love that was once struck down, but is now back stronger than ever? Oh, but now that i have her back, my enemies shall PAY.


Quick story lesson: When this weapon launched, it was very popular because of how unique, and how greats its… Perks… were. However part of its greatness was gutted because as it turns out, it was nothing but a bug! Everyone's heart was saddened by the grave news, one that made everyone buy yet another coffin for a primary exotic. This was at a time were champion mods had to be equipped directly at the weapon's mod slot, essentially rendering 99,9% of all exotic primaries useless in higher PvE content(the 0,01% being Devil's Ruin).

But that's the past! Now we can use champion mods on primary exotics! Now reload mods are stronger than ever! And now scout rifles have bullshit levels of aim assist! Oh yeah it's all coming together to make SYMMETRY GREAT AGAIN!!!

Yes, Symmetry. Have your forgotten? I have. For those who are not familiar, this is how this gun works:

You shoot thing in the very hurty spot
You get Angy Charges, 15 max without the catalyst, 20 with the catalyst
You hold the reload button to release the kraken

What is this angy mode, you say? Simple: The scout rifle turns into a tracking arc-based missile launcher that also spreads to nearby targets on impact(sort of a arc-web thing, but much smaller). Like Hawkmoon, it is quite exponential; With 1 charge you might as well beat the enemy with a stick, but with 20 charges? You are become Death, Destroyer of Destinations, or as i like to say: The Big D.

The Angy mode lasts for a while, enough to cause havok and destroy anything in your path. In a way, it's kinda like having a roaming super that uses primary ammo. It's great! Also, switching guns won't take away your angy charges, so you can French Revolution anyone you want without having to start over.

That is all.


Symmetry good, symmetry underrated and forgotten, you should try it.

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