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The currently enemy pool feels stale..would love to see new ones added to the pre-existing enemy factions

destiny2 4 - The currently enemy pool feels stale..would love to see new ones added to the pre-existing enemy factions

Yes, I know this is a pretty low tier thing on the list of issues the community has with the game in its current state..but its something that I've hoped for for years now. Vanilla D2 added gladiators and the dogs to the cabal enemy why not the others?

We've gotten this to a smaller extent in past DLCs — the frozen variants of the hive on mars, siva-fied fallen, the berserkers in SOTP to a greater extent..

It just feels like theres so much to work with for each.

I would love, love, LOVE to see other bug-related mech/tanks for the fallen – even just other forms of the spider tanks would be cool

Example: Orb weavers – a more agile version of the spider tank (( does not remain stationary)) that periodically release several of the "slow traps" on to the battlefield.

Bird Eater – up armored, slow moving – equipped with stolen cabal weaponry: duel miniguns on the front, heat seeking rockets on the back. Usually stationary, but occasionally jumps to a new locations, causing knockback.

Hive: Fear mongers – large hammer bearing knights cursed with hive magic similar to that of brood queens..breaking their shields causes a phantom (( purple)) version of them to appear. The phantom aggressively seeks whomever seperated them from their host.

Poltergeist: a phantasmal wizard-type enemy that cannot be hurt initially. Enters the body of another hive-type enemy,causing berserker-type hysteria in the form of a red aura. increases speed, damage output and grants an overshield.


Vex: Gigante – heavy defense units – the hulkbuster variant of vex. Attacks with a combination of hard hitting, single shot rail gun fire and a stomp that generates an arc whirlwind that travels along the ground (( think middle tree sunbreaker )) capable of placing citan rampart barriers.

Cerberus – three harpies conjoined by arc energy, flying in triangle formation. Function as regular harpies, but damaging one briefly shuts it down. Damaging them all in quick succession reveals a white crit spot in the center. Explode on death.

Cabal: Thronebreaker: large, agile units that attack with retractable chain spears. If hit, the guardian is quickly dragged towards their attacker and slammed in to the ground. Stomp, but worse!

Saboteur- psion variants that specialize in thrown explosives and trickery. come in three variants: arc, solar, void. Explosive used changes depending on their given elemental shield: arc= blinding, solar = tripmine, void = vortex stick to cover, use invisibility to change position.

Obviously this is just my own imagination running wild here. i'm just saying..would like a little more variety im the enemy department. The ones we have had for years are great in their own right, but we've been fighting them for so long we have the strats down, we know what to expect..gets a little stale.

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