Destiny 2

The Dark Timeline

destiny2 9 - The Dark Timeline

Year 1:

Nolanbot is killed by a Dreg while passing through the Cosmodrome, looking for his Guardian. His shell somehow ends up in the Tangled Shore, through a series of events we don't have time to explain.

Guardian numbers begin to dwindle thanks to the Fallen gaining increased strength. The cause of this strength is believed to be a giant Servitor under the command of the House of Devils. Strike teams are sent to eliminate it, but none are successful. The Cosmodrome is entirely quarantined by Zavala.

The House of Winter reclaim an Archon Priest from the prison of Elders, and the strength of House Winter rises dramatically under his command. Where there was retreat from the Vex, now there is assault, and its working.

The Cabal detachment on Mars engage the Vex successfully, pushing them back to a strange gate. The Vex vanish all at once, leaving Mars completely under Cabal control. The Psion Flayers take full control of the Martian warsats still in orbit.

A similar gate on Luna awakens, and Vex empowered by pure darkness swarm out of it and awaken the Hive. Eris Morn attempts to flee, but is killed by a Hive Wizard and a Minotaur turning attentions away from their own battle to her. Ikora does not discover her fate, and she is left to rot under Lunas dust.

Rasputin finally runs out of reserve power on Earth and he goes from sleep to death. His passing is not noticed by the vanguard.

Crota awakens and joins the battle against the Vex on Luna. Omnigul informs Oryx of the situation. Crota does exceedingly well, but is locked in a stalemate with a Minotaur designed to fight him, constantly reborn by another Vex Mind.

Skolas is released, and joins with the House of Winter to rebuild his house. After a successful assault on the Vault of Glass, the house of Wolves is fully rebuilt and Venus is completely dominated by the Fallen. Zavala is killed attempting to stop this from taking place, taking Skolas and much of the house of wolves with him. However, the sheer number of wolves now alive means his sacrifice was unfortunately in vain, but at least Skolas is killed

The Awoken in the Reef are finally obliterated by the remaining Wolves and the House of Winter. Spider becomes the owner of the Reef and resides in a palace in the Dreaming City, offering technology and aid to all Fallen who come to him with gifts, and granting wishes by some unknown means.

Guardian numbers drop to 7000 from 25,000 in a single year.

Year 2:

Oryx arrives in the system and claims Titan and Io with no or very little resistance, taking anything that would oppose him. His attention turns to Mars, but he ignores the Reef.

Caydes ship is seriously damaged in a daring attempt to storm the Dreadnaught, and he is thought dead.

Ikora gathers the remaining Guardians with the permission of the Speaker and assaults the Cosmodrome in full force to gain control of the area. The assault is successful and the Devils are annihilated, and a second City is founded with the main focus on collecting as many dead bodies as possible to make the recruitment of new Guardians easier. The Exo Stranger is found in Rasputins bunker looking for old technology and is recruited by Ikora as a member of the Hidden.

The Cabal on Phobos are all Taken. Oryx arrives in full force over Mars and a bitter war begins between the two races. Valus Taurac is finally killed by the Darkblade, who is seeking to prove himself to Oryx once again and be freed. Instead, Oryx takes the Darkblade and makes him torture himself for the rest of time.

The Hive on Luna are losing to the Vex, who seem to be able to predict the Hives every move. Oryx sends his Daughters to assist his son, and the war continues, freshly balanced.

Oryx arrives on Luna, leaving the conquest of Mars to his forces. He breaks through the Vex like paper and enters the Black Garden, and eats the Heart at its center. The Vex in the Black Garden and Luna fall silent and turn instead to worship Oryx. He shows his appreciation by taking them. Oryx receives a massive burst of power from the Heart, but when the burst wears off he is at half his usual strength, and falling.


Shaxx stops the Crucible, now considering the Crucible to be the world Guardians live in.

Year 3:

Guardian numbers have fallen to only 3000, despite all efforts. The enemy is simply too numerous and powerful, every day sees dozens of losses.

Shiro and Saladin are killed in an attempt to assault the House of Wolves and Winter, but they take the Archon Priest with them.

Taken appear in the Tower. Rahool and Amanda are killed in the initial assault. Banshee is killed heroically trying to save a group of children. Ikora and Shaxx manage to stave off the invasion, but the Tower is seriously damaged. Taken invasions occur daily, Shaxx and Arcite remain behind as a diversion while the City evacuates.

The Exo Stranger and Ana head to a hidden facility on Mars and discovers Rasputins main core, still functioning. He reveals his plan to them and provides them with most of the technology to achieve it, however they still require a crucial part from a Vex Mind. They head to Mercury, Ana is killed but the Exo Stranger is successful, and she leaves to complete Rasputins machine.

The Cabal on Mars are finally killed off or Taken by Oryx. Rasputin transfers his consciousness into an Exo body and flees in a ship bound for a small body named Nessus, and discovers the still alive Cayde, drifting in space. They begin to plan together.

The Dreadnaught arrives at Earth. Oryx, now severely weakened after eating the Heart, plunges his Sword into the Dreadnaught and most of the Earth is destroyed, leaving a crater the size of the mars in its surface. The earth loses its atmosphere and becomes a wasteland, all life dies. The Traveler is destroyed, and all Guardians lose their connection to the Light. Ikora is killed aboard the Dreadnaught when her light is lost.

Venus is assaulted by the Hive, and the Fallen flee the planet, arriving on Europa. There they discover Stasis, and the war erupts again between the Hive and the Fallen.

A Stasis infused Fallen fireteam led by Mithrax kills Crota, Omnigul, the Court and finally Oryx, but Mithrax himself is killed in the final battle. He is buried with a small shard of the Traveler, the highest Honour a Fallen can receive.

Rasputin and Cayde bring the Exo Stranger to Nessus. The Exo Stranger vanishes.

Year 4:

The Red Legion arrive to claim the Traveler, only to find it destroyed. The Almighty begins to eat Mercury only to be stopped by Osiris, who stops the Almighty from functioning but cannot escape, dying in his attempt to save the system. The sun however is dimmed significantly, and the system enters a permanent state of gloom. The Leviathan follows shortly afterwards, and the Red Legion engage Calus but are ultimately unsuccessful.

Cayde and Rasputin are offered positions as Calus' Shadows, and after lengthy thought they agree, the Solar System lost.

Savathun arrives in the System and heads for the Reef. Using Quria, Riven is Taken and the Spider and his Fallen are placed in a never ending 3 week cycle of torture.

Stasis infused Fallen and Savathuns forces battle on each planet and moon in the system, but without Mithrax victory is hard won for the Fallen. Savathun is slowly gaining the upper hand thanks to Riven.

Year 5:

18 guardians remain, hiding and frightened. Asher Mir uses the Pyramidion to vanish to a whole other part of space, two others follow him.

The Exo Stranger returns to Nessus, her mission unsuccessful. Failsafe advises her of her failings, and using the SIVA aboard the Exodus Black they create a device capable of communicating through time. The Exo Stranger vanishes again. The SIVA released begins to transform Nessus.

A Fallen scavenger team discover a pile of Ghosts in the Tangled Shore. One is somehow alive.

Year 1A:

The Exo Stranger silently kills a dreg in the Cosmodrome, leaving a Ghost to continue its searching.

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