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The Drifter (and me) are starting to suspect that Eris Morn is actually Savathun

destiny2 8 - The Drifter (and me) are starting to suspect that Eris Morn is actually Savathun

Recent dialogue on Titan after Contact event completion (from memory, not exact)

D “What’s she look like?”

E “she has never revealed herself”

D “Savathun eh? Are we sure that’s ~really her name~?”


The rest of this is a bunch of conspiracy theorizing and speculation.


I might be reading into the Drifter’s tone just a bit too much, but Eris pretty much screams long con.

She has HIVE EYES, you know who else uses Eyes symbolically and functionally?

The fact that not a single other guardian or hive member knows anything about Savathun, yet somehow Eris is just overflowing with information.

Everywhere Eris just happens to be, so are Savathun’s agents

We can assume Eris was a real guardian who was on the moon to kill Crota, but I believe she died with the rest of her fire team. The ever-so-smart trickster goddess in her infinite wisdom, took the chance to disguise herself as Eris and supplant herself right into the Guardian tribe. I mean think about it, there were literal years possibly even decades between the time Eris tried to kill Crota, and her return in Destiny 1. How can a lightless guardian survive that long during the height of Crota’s power? They don’t.

We know the rock that Eris carries around is a piece of Ahamkara. What do Ahamkara and Savathun have in common? They both like to play tricks, and it would make sense as to how Savathun was able to use Riven.

Oryx discovered Riven during the war in Saturn’s orbit, when he pushed his throne world into the universe, and when one of the Techeun’s decided to run home through some portal, Oryx’s throne world followed and explored every bit of the Dreaming City (it’s in the lore, Truth to Power, I believe)


Savathun was already familiar with Ahamkara, having carried around a piece of one all these years. Where else would a wish dragon be more comfortable than alongside a being who plays tricks just like the best of them?

The taken are all over the dreaming city, again if we go back to D1, the first person to identify the taken was…Eris, who should have never even known the taken could exist since Oryx and his power was more hearsay than known fact.

Who is currently in control of the taken?

Oryx died and where was Eris? She done scooped up the crystal from his sword, and by the sword logic (loosely), took his power over the taken.

You can argue she was doing that for Mara, but going back to my Ahamkara reference, the dragons were comfortable with the Awoken as well, especially Mara, who never wished but played on the alignment of Riven’s goals as an Ahamkara. Again, wish dragons comfortable with scheming tricksters…Eris could just be fooling Mara into placing Eris exactly where she planned to be the entire time.

Savathun would have planned to kill Oryx anyways. Not because of the sword logic in terms of power, but because he represents the sword logic and pact with the worms.

All she wants is to be free of the worms and the sword logic. Oryx, ever so devout, would never have allowed such blasphemy (see Nokris). Only solution? He had to go.

There is an overwhelming amount of hints being thrown both in gameplay and in the lore that Eris is Savathun, you just gotta read it in the right light…or dark.

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