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The focusing umbral system is a major step down from Season of Arrivals’

destiny2 10 - The focusing umbral system is a major step down from Season of Arrivals'

Warning: Kinda long post

As it stands, in order to focus your engrams tier 1 costs 1 hammer charge, Tier 2 costs 3 charges and tier 3 costs 5 charges. Realistically, most players wouldn't bother with tier 1 since the loot pool is huge. So we're just gonna look at Tier 2 and 3 for this post. With the max gold upgrade, you can hold 84 cabal gold. Technically 112 Cabal gold if you socket the Radiant Challenger Medallion first (costs 28 gold. Gives 2 charges). If you convert 112 Cabal gold into charges, it's 8 charges (14 gold = 1 charge). That means you can either focus 2 tier 2 engrams or 1 tier 5 and 1 tier 2 engram.

112 cabal gold…is only 2 focused engrams…? Who over at Bungie thought that was okay? Here's why it's bad. First off, getting all that Cabal Gold. You get cabal gold from doing pretty much any activity which is good. However, the rate at which you get it is not. To put it in perspective, Crucible matches give about 8-9 cabal gold. In order to reach 112 cabal gold, you'd need to do a minimum of fourteen crucible matches. And even after you max out your gold, you still need to do a handful of Battleground activities. That is a lot of grind for two measly focused engrams. To make it worse the engrams aren't even guaranteed the weapon you want. It's a 50/50 chance. And even if you win that chance, you have to battle the rng gods for the roll you want. This is not okay.


There's probably other activities to really max out your cabal gold rates but it is still quite a grind regardless for two focused engrams that don't even guarantee anything. Let's look at season of arrivals. You could do a lot of activities to get the umbral currency to focus and it came at a steady rate and umbral focusing was cheap. You could grind crucible or strikes or whatever you wanted to do and at the end of the day you could focus multiple umbral engrams. Those umbrals were also 50/50 but it was way less grind and you could focus way more than you could now. You also weren't forced to play anything like you are now with Battlegrounds so that's all fair that it comes at a 50/50 chance of what you want. Why do I have to do all this grind now this season for the same exact focusing I was getting for way less 2 seasons ago?

Bungie please rework the seasonal loot and make it actually worth player's time. Nothing like grinding 112 cabal gold, doing a bunch of battlegrounds, getting only 2 focus engrams and end up losing both 50/50 chances so you get loot you didn't even want

Edit: I just remembered something from Season of Arrivals. There was a bonus in the season pass that gave all umbral engram weapons a second perk in the second column. So every umbral was like a Season of Chosen tier 3 for about a quarter of the grind it takes now. So that's even worse looking at it

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