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The Glassway Grandmaster. How our team beat it

destiny2 8 - The Glassway Grandmaster. How our team beat it

Good day everyone! Straight out this Grandmaster. Our team beat it and I want to share our loadouts and strats.

Hardest parts of Nightfall

Boss fight is extremely tedious. Biggest danger comes from Wyverns (surprise surprise). These things can 1-shot you even in Well with resist mods. Same goes to little Hydra-boss. It 1-shotted us in Well for some reason.

Timer. 30-minute is really rough. Once you hit 30:00 you will lose all your revives. So it's very important to hit last phase of boss fight before this mark (more about this later in the post)

– Keeping pace before boss fight. Because of timer and long boss fight it's better for your team to speed run through entire Nightfall. By speed run I mean playing aggressive. You WANT to get to boss fight at around 16-20 minutes.


Our loadouts

  1. Warlock with Phoenix Protocol.
    Finisher with Heavy Ammo (sometimes doesn't proc, which is really taunting) and Special Ammo.
    Sacred Provenance (Anti-Barrier), Divinity, Seraph Machine Gun with Warmind Cells mods
    Maximizing Recovery, Discipline and Intellect (with this exact order)
  2. Warlock with Phoenix Protocol.
    Finisher with Special Ammo
    Long Shadow, IKELOS SMG (Anti-Barrier) with Warmind Cells mods, Anarchy
    Maximizing Intellect, Recovery and Discipline (with this exact order)
  3. Stasis Warlock with any useful exotic. Fragments: Whisper of Refraction, Whisper of Hedrons, Whisper of Durance, Whisper of Fissures
    Patron of Lost Causes with Explosive Payload (Overload Rounds), Truthteller with Blinding Grenades, Anarchy
    Thermal Overload and Surge Eater mods for Overload Grenade spam
    Maximizing Recovery, Strength and Discipline (with this exact order)

Main points of our strat

    There's really no any specific gameplay or strat before boss fight. But keep with this simple "rules" to get good timer:
    Don't save your Supers. Place Well during mini-Boss fights against Stasis-casting Fallen. Stasis Warlock must spam his Stasis abilities and cast Super whenever there are a lot of enemies
    – Coordinate when using Finishers to get Special and Heavy Ammo. Any finisher can be crucial
    Warmind Cells are your friend. Cellular Suppression is excellent crowd control option. Same goes to Truthteller user – he can spam his GL to keep enemies blinded for 5 seconds. Cellular is stunning for 10 seconds
    – Try to kill Overload Captain before Anti-Barrier Servitor. If you late and Servitor immunes enemies, focus on him
    – Try to kill Stasis-casting Fallen bosses ASAP. Anarchy users will have their time to shine
    During bridge encounter spam Wells when protecting point, but place them behind cover. When enemies approach play behind cover and stay safe. Focus on Sniper Vandals (job for Long Shadow and Patron of Lost Causes)
    Boss fight is really tedious. Unfortunately we didn't use right strat and suffered from it.
    – Defending right side of boss room is your best bet. Stay near entrance (inside the room) right from middle and focus enemies who will approach you.
    Try to get mini-Hydra out as soon as possible. At the same time 2 Overload Minotaurs will spawn. After getting mini-Hydra to low HP 2 additional will spawn. Focus this Minotaurs with Divinity and Stasis Overload Grenades. Get Anarchy and burn them. Use your Well to get additional damage and heal
    – Use Shadebinder's Super against Wyverns. Also, Truthteller with Blinding Grenades will stun them for 5 seconds, they won't be able to do anything. It's golden time to kill them and major key to completing this Grandmaster
    Play safe against Anti-Barrier Hobgoblins. They will most likely come to use with whole group, so focus one and then another ones. Don't try to kill everyone at the same time, you won't be able to without Shadebinder's Super
    – Move your head 360, because Champions and Wyverns can get you from behind
    Most damage against bosses will come from Anarchy-users. They can rotate around the boss room to get him. Try NOT TO place Anarchy on his arms, he will knockoff these grenades immediately

Other recommendations

  1. Try to play timer. You will need to get to last phase before 30-minute mark. You will get this phase after clearing SECOND wave of Wyverns. At the same time 4 Anti-Barrier Hobgoblins will appear
  2. During boss fight focus on ads and mini-Hydra first, then get to big-Hydra and switch boss phase. Ideally you want to kill 2 Overload Minotaurs, knockoff mini-Hydra and kill 2 more Overload Minotaurs, but it will be very hard because of enemies
  3. Then you kill all ads including Champions and Wyverns, spread around the room to damage big-Hydra. Beware, it reacts to you very fast and will shoot even before rotating it's head
  4. If you don't care about getting Platinum, you can ignore last Anti-Barrier Hobgoblins and deal with big-Hydra. If you only have primary ammo – screw it and try to kill the boss
  5. Stasis is VERY STRONG. Just keep it in mind
  6. Don't try to tank Wyverns in the Well, they can 1-shot you. Keep them stunned/freezed

Good luck with this Nightfall!

scarlet keep please no

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    Louis Birtwistle
    Dec 30, 2020 10:36 pm

    This was in interesting read. ūüôā However from my run we fpund that with solar nades and the other two people on Anarchy, the best call was a third anarchy. You can blitz through the rest of the strike a lot quicker and even make very quick work of the champs and wyverns with the Solar nades. Congrats on the run though. IMO it may be the hardest GM to date. Even garden wasn’t this bad lul.

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