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The Inconsistencies in D2 are confusing

destiny2 10 - The Inconsistencies in D2 are confusing

Boss Immunity

  • Some boss "glow" when they're immune, some others are not
  • Some boss has "immune animation", some others are not
  • Some boss is immune and only can be damaged by shooting specific parts/spots, some other are not.
  • Some boss can be killed on-spawn, some are not (they instantly goes immune after a certain amount of damage)


  • Some enemies count for bounties, some didn't.
  • Some vanguard bounties can be completed outside of vanguard strike
  • some displays progress in percentage, some in numbers.


  • some quests have a sub-quest menu hidden behind inspect button, and to use that quest menu you need to do yet another quest (and some others just doing busywork). Some other quest doesn't have this sub-quest menu.


  • breaking teams up just to meet them again


  • What's a "Ghaul"? Overly long praises by the bird lady (hawkthorn?) that no longer relevant with the current-world.
  • Who's Cayde? There's a memorial monument but he's communicating just fine in strikes
  • Why red legion still doing what they were doing despite all of their leaders has been murdered?
  • the flip-flop of fallen faction colors (e.g. in the bird-titan mission in the past. I forgot his name)
  • Bonus: Rasputin is supposedly dead or something (in a cutscene) but if you visited him before he got vaulted, he was as healthy as ever.
  • Saladin forgot that we are iron lords (thanks
    PH VAP - The Inconsistencies in D2 are confusing
  • SIVA crisis / rise of iron didn't happen (also thanks
    PH VAP - The Inconsistencies in D2 are confusing
    /u/PH-VAP for making me remember this)


Gameplay mechanics

  • There are 2 dunking buttons.
  • For some perks, Champions sometimes considered as a boss, sometimes as major.
  • Some shield piercing works for champions AND non-champion some didn't.
  • All blight can be killed by going INSIDE their semi-transparent dome and shooting them, except the blight public event (where you need to dip in and OUT of the semi-transparent dome)
  • Some autorifle perks work for trace rifle (did they change this to all autorifle perk did not work to trace rifle? i cant really remember)
  • Some scannable changes ghost's direction, some others didn't.
  • pressing E to pick up purple bricks in crucible when they drop from opposing Guardians. Game trains you to run over purple boxes then changes the behaviour for the same object, same model, just a different mode.(thanks /u/SharpMulberry)
  • some activities / quest rewards are granted directly after completing them, some need you to manually hunt down the triumphs, then manually claim the triumph.
  • a very small amount of quest (iirc it was the snow season quest with granny) need you to claim triumph to progress the quest. Maybe deliberate design decisions to force players to learn about the triumph claiming mechanics? (I'm that kind of guardian that ignore triumph)


  • some pop up cannot be dismissed, need to wait until it dismissed itself.
  • Some items with the same rarity have different dismantling speed

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