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The main thing that bothers me about the Shader BD price increase is that there’s no logical reason for it.

destiny2 1 - The main thing that bothers me about the Shader BD price increase is that there's no logical reason for it.

Other than greed, that is.

Using standard economic modeling and price theory, we can show that there's no economic/rational reason for Bungie to increase shader prices in the new system. I've elaborated below, but TL;DR – Greed and sapping more Bright Dust from player's hands is pretty much the only motive, even if 300 Bright Dust isn't very expensive.

If you look at the current economic model for Destiny 2, we currently pay 2 Legendary Shards and 500 Glimmer for a legendary shader. Using spider as an exchange rate indicator, we know we can buy 10,000 Glimmer for 10 Legendary shards, which means 1 Legendary Shard is 1,000 Glimmer. However, this is the most punishing exchange rate – if we were to use resources, which go for 5 for 1 Legendary shard, and exchange those for Glimmer, at 20 for 10,000, we get 4 Legendary shards for 10,000 glimmer, which means every shard is worth 2,500 Glimmer.

This essentially means that every shader is worth 5,500 Glimmer using the highest shard value, or 2,500 using the lowest. To try to be even fairer to Bungie, lets use the highest value of 5,500.

Now, we want to establish whether or not there's a correlation between Glimmer and Bright Dust. There definitely isn't one between Legendary Shards and bright dust, as they share no real exchanges. One could argue that 40 Bright Dust = 1 Shard as shaders from Eververse currently dismantle for that much, but that's not really a fair comparison as that is only doable once per account per shader.

So lets look at Glimmer – Bright Dust. Using Vanguard/Crucible/Gambit repeatables is a direct translation of 3,000 Glimmer+Time to 10 BD, but time isn't something we can build a reliable model for. If we were to assume that Vanguard bounties were the most consistent, say 25 SMG kills in a strike, we could still vary wildly between 2 minutes to 5 depending on the player's skill, their connection, whether they play with solo mode on or not, etc. It's also hard to model time in comparison to Glimmer as that varies wildly as well.

Thus, we conclude that whatever correlation we can conjure up for Glimmer+Time = BD, it won't be reliable and won't be accurate for the majority of players. We can safely say that Glimmer does not correlate to BD on its own, because there's no direct exchange that doesn't involve time.


So if we were to say there is no correlation between shards or glimmer to bright dust, and that currently a shader costs 5,500 Glimmer, the only thing we can conclude is that the new system saves you 5,000 Glimmer per shader (and this is if we're being SUPER fair to Bungie).

So that's pretty great right? 5,000 Glimmer less per application of a shader sounds awesome. But wait, there's no reason for this to have anything to do with Bright Dust, we just showed that there's no correlation between BD and Glimmer, so why would they increase BD costs for a 1 time purchase of an uneditable color scheme?

There's no reason.

BD and Glimmer do not correlate. Saving us Glimmer doesn't mean we suddenly have more BD, as Time is a very important ingredient in that conversion, and we do not have more of that. You did not increase player's ability to obtain BD via the new system, so not only is there price inflation, but players are losing out on real purchasing power with their current currency. In essence, Bright Dust has been de-valued even further with the current price increase, so essentially, Bungie might have saved us Glimmer, but they made us poorer with regards to Bright Dust.

So why do it?

Well, supposedly Bungie sat in a board meeting and made this decision, and everyone nodded their heads in assent, or at the very least the "yays" won, which tells us that Bungie is ok with just making our purchasing power lower with no real justification.

AKA, Bungie is Greedy, wants to have less BD in the system and make you more likely to purchase silver.

So that sucks, I don't like playing a game where the company is just greedy for no reason. Sure, the new shader and cosmetic system is much more comfortable, but I would gladly keep the current one if that means shaders are still 40 BD and I get to keep my purchasing power. Pulling shaders is annoying, but at least I can afford to buy new ones consistently.

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