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The Most Efficient Way to Kill All the Enemies in the Zero Hour Boss Room, in 12 Steps or Less

destiny2 2 - The Most Efficient Way to Kill All the Enemies in the Zero Hour Boss Room, in 12 Steps or Less

1) ADD-clear until the only enemies are the Captain boss and the turrets (if you stay far enough away they can't shoot you)

2) Put three Whisper shots into the captain. This will cause the first servitor and void shield shanks to spawn, and the captain to move to the back of the room.

3) Have a hunter, wearing Orpheus Rig, tether said servitor, and it will latch onto all surrounding shanks. Hunter should get his super back after tethering.

4) Have a warlock, wearing Skull of Dire Ahamkara, Nova Bomb the servitor. Since it is tethered, it and all surrounding shanks should die instantly. If for whatever reason the warlock doesn't get their super back instantly, they can just pick up orbs from the Hunter's tether.

5) Use an arc energy weapon (I like to use the Arsenic Bite bow) to kill the Arc-Shield shanks on the left side of the room. (For reference, the front of the room is the open side that you can see the Traveler from)

6) Put three more whisper shots into the Captain, who, as we said in step 2, is now at the back of the room with a second servitor and a group of Solar-Shield shanks. He will teleport to the right side of the room.

7) Repeat steps 3 and 4 for servitor number two. Clean up any shanks that may remain.

8) The captain is now on the right side of the room, with four Arc-Shield shanks hovering around him. Tether and Nova Bomb. The hunter may not get his super back immediately but they can pick up orbs from the Warlock's previous two Nova Bombs.

9) The captain should teleport to the front of the room, and will stay there until you kill him. This is also when the tanks spawn. At the back left of the room, sit atop the orange shipping containers and Whisper the right tank. Sitting there will allow you to hide from the left tank and prevent it from damaging you while you kill the other tank.

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10) Once right tank is dead, sit atop the platform above the orange shipping containers and shuffle tot he right until the left tank is in view. If you crouch, you should be able to Whisper it through the railings on the platform.


11) Boss time. Now that both tanks are dead, proceed to nuke the everliving Ether out of that Captain. Whisper will kill him off fastest, so sitting at the back of the room like you did for the tanks is your best bet. Not that he will still shoot at you so make sure to strafe left and right while shooting to evade attacks. If for whatever reason you find yourself out of Whisper ammo, look around for special ammo. The Arbalest is your second best bet. If all else fails, the Polaris Lance does a fine job of picking away at his health. If you're doing the heroic version, you can use the Outbreak Prime on the boss as well. A titan with a rally barricade or the warlock switching to empowering rift with Lunafaction Boots will make it go faster in this case.

12) So you successfully killed the boss! Good work, right? Wrong. Kill the marauders, vandals, couple of Arc-Shielded shanks and any dregs that may still be lingering about. If the timer is still counting down, that means the mission hasn't ended yet. Note that you do NOT have to destroy the two turrets near where the tanks spawn to end the mission.

*Please note that the first few steps of this guide are contingent upon the hunter and warlock NOT DYING, as doing so will cause the orbs that others made to de-spawn for you, and the orbs you made to de-spawn for them. Hunters, if you find yourself in a pickle, you can always dodge to go invisible and flee to safety. Warlocks and Titans, you have healing rifts and barricades. Use them.

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**The third fireteam member is up fop you to choose. For hunters, I would recommend bottom tree golden gun with Celestial Nighthawk. For titans, you could use top tree hammers for melting point on bosses, or middle tree Sentinel to guard near allies and buff their damage when DPS-ing the boss. Warlocks could use Well of Radiance for obvious reasons, or a burst super like Nova Bomb or Chaos Reach with Geomag Stabilizers.

Well thats it. Hope this was more helpful than our old pal Mithrax during that entire mission. Smh.

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