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The Most Satisfying Things In This Game


What are the most satisfying moments or accomplishments & feelings you get playing Destiny 2? Here’s what comes to mind for me:

  • Finally completing a Solo Flawless Dungeon / Mission, often with sweaty hands after multiple failed attempts. I’m a semi-casual 51 year old dude who never thought he would be able to get Solo Flawless Pit of Heresy. I thought that was endgame challenge stuff only for elite gamers and streamer types. Getting that done inspired me to chase other Solo Flawless stuff. You can too!

  • A well-thrown grenade. This is legit one of the most simple yet satisfying things in the game to me. Be it a PvE ‘nade that lands and numbers start flying all over the screen showing you tagged multiple enemies; or PvP like Control where you chuck it and get a Triple Down on those fools who actually capture zones as if that’s a thing (kidding, it is, you should!); or in PvP where you get a key single kill from someone hiding behind cover; or that trap one you laid that someone ran right into. Shaxx would be so proud.

    • Inverse Correlation: Throwing a grenade and hitting the side of a doorway or ceiling, or the smallest outcropping of Vex-built anything, or the back of your teammate’s head.
    • Walking through a pulse grenade you thought was thrown by your teammate but it kills you because nope, that ain’t yours.
  • The first time you complete something you’ve never done before, like a Solo Legend or Master Lost Sector. Things that seem simple or basic to some are hard or out of reach sometimes to very casual players who barely get to the Powerful Cap by the end of a season… and thus are HUGE for those who get there and do them.

  • Running all over the map in PvP as a Titan main and getting to finally surprise Hammer Strike someone around a corner. (The two other shoulder charges are also fun but for me Hammer Strike feels better.)

    • Inverse Correlation: Hitting the melee button to do this and coming up 1 meter short and they OHK shotgun you, or passing through them somehow because of latency or code. The worst.
  • A perfect sniper flick headshot in PvP or even PvE against a key enemy when you, like me, are actually terrible at sniping. That one time you shot 2 Guardians in the head with one bullet on the Cauldron moon map with Adored, or when you scoped in on a Hunter for a headshot as he slid-in through a door to shotgun you at point-blank range just like you suspected he would. Some players make those shots every day. Not me, so it feels good.

  • Finding friends or a patient sherpa to take you through you first run of a Raid, or help you complete a Triumph needed for a Title (especially your first).

  • Deep Stone Lullaby, any time, all the time.

  • An Army of One medal as an Invader in Gambit with a non-meta weapon.

  • Waiting for the other team in Gambit to send their first handful of blockers at once, so you nuke them, and then team-deposit 4 blockers to drain everything they just dunked while sending your best Invader. Feels nasty, but good. Drifter would be proud. And is maybe one reason folks dislike Gambit?

  • PvP: Hearing that enemy Golden Gun pop, knowing they’re on your radar right around the corner, so you cast your Hammers and turn the corner to burn them down before they get their first shot off. (My Sunbreaker Titan main is showing, huh?) Sorry, Hunters, I almost never escape your Goldies.

    • Inverse Correlation: Getting murdered at full-health during the animation of your Super, wondering if the game counted it as an activation, and rezzing with 0 Super energy.

Other Things That Tickle Me

  • When you throw a grenade and it misses and the Hive Knight turns his head to watch it sail past.
  • When you throw a grenade at the feet of an opponent and it knows it’s fucked so it just covers its eyes and cringes (Dregs do this)
  • (Can you tell I like throwing grenades? Armamentarium Main here. My favorite saying when throwing a sticky grenade of some sort is, "Scuze me sir, can you hold this please?")
  • Watching Hive Knights do the Hunter rolling dodge like they’re Olympic gymnasts with Spidey-sense
  • Getting yeeted by a boss in such ridiculous fashion or at such great distance that you can’t help but laugh.

What Moments Make You Feel Great? What Anecdotes Do You Have When You Impressed Yourself? Share Share Share!

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