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The new content is good, the design and gameplay choices are not. And expansions are overpriced. My feedback

destiny2 6 - The new content is good, the design and gameplay choices are not. And expansions are overpriced. My feedback


Beyond light is overpriced, it has more content than shadowkeep so I can deal with it being 40€ BUT it should include season of the hunt as previous expansions did, more money than forsaken for less content than forsaken feels really bad.

Forsaken should be free or at least way cheaper:

– Most of its purple loot is sunset and thereferore is irelevant (except from the raid).

– You've vaulted part of the paid content from forsaken, including two raids which means the expansion has now less value.

– New light players have no meaningful campaigns, raids or dungeons to do and one of each would be nice. (I'm aware that prophecy will come back in the future)

– In case you were going to vault any of the forsaken destinations next year, at least I hope you make it free before doing so.


As the title says, the new content is good, I don't want the art, sound, weapons, lore etc. teams to feel like they did a bad job, my only criticism about the new content is that the main campaign was a bit boring:

– Eramis felt weak: ghaul was threatening because he managed to steal the light and there were no other guardians, the fanatic wasn't necessarily a threat but we still cared about him cause he killed cayde, and the pyramids in shadowkeep they were of course a big deal as well, at no point in the campaign I felt like eramis and her fallen could defeat the guardians. Also, her boss fight was easier than some of her lieutenants (at least in my opinion).

– There was no important interaction with the darkness, it was supposed to tempt us while using stasis, maybe bring us inside the pyramid and show us something interesting or try to convince us. Instead, I just went to the Ziggurat, that does nothing and that's it.


What I liked:

– Aspects and fragmetns are a great idea, meaningful loot that affects gameplay and I really want to get.

– Ghost shell mods.

– Minor stat mods.

– Legend and master lost sectors to acquire specific armor pieces that rotate, I love those and they are also challenging as you have to do it solo.

What I did not like:

Sunsetting: there's no super deep analysis to provide here, I did not like it and many people did not like it. If you want me to use new weapons instead of mountantop + recluse just add enemies with stasis shields, and I'll use stasis weapons (which we don't have yet) or add new perks, I'll probably use stars in shadow not because you sunset my old stuff but because it has thresh. Taking all the stuff that took me hours to get is bad.

Vaulting content: I still belive that vaulting shouldn't be the solution to bugs and filesize. Regarding bugs, there are other mmos with arguably more content than destiny that can be mantained without losing player progression and having to rollback players accounts every now and then. Regarding filesize, this can be improved without the need to remove content, for example warframe's great ensmallening nearly halved the game's filesize just by improving texture compression. I don't know how bad destiny's spaghetti code is neither do I know how optimised Destiny's filesize already is, having said that, I've seen other studios do better and I'm nearly pretty sure there's room for improvement. Bungie is a big studio and has the resources and manpower to invest in better ways to compress files and to remake the more problematic parts of the code. Maybe you could have vaulted one or two destinations, and one or two raids, but this was too much.


Upping minimum power to 1050: It makes no sense to keep doing this every year, the reason you say you do this is to make it more accessible to play with you more casual friends that maybe they cannot play raids with you because they don't have of their power level and to make it more accessible to players that have been gone for some months and want to play the new content. First of all, sunsetting wasn't supposed to be that bad because you could still use old gear in old content, but by upping minimum power to 1050, upping strikes power to 1100 and vaulting most of older activities, you just made them completely obsolete. Now, even if you make my two casual new light friends 1050 power, there's no point in doing so because there's no raids, no whisper, no zero hour, no campaigns… And for dedicated players that came back, if they want to play shadowkeep or forsaken they don't need to be 1050, just boost them to 1050 if they purchase beyond light and that's it. By upping minimum power level you also just soft-vaulted all previous expansion content (which you are still charging money for) as they all drop sunset gear, at least before there was room for improvement between 750 and 1050.

Sunsetting + Vaulting content together: People were mad when D2 dropped because they didn't want to start from scratch but after sunsetting all purple gear from previous years and vaulting most of it's content, you did something very close to that, only that now people cannot have two separate games and go back to the old content they paid for.

Collections items droping at 1050: Before, once I was a bit higher than recomended power I could just equip any exotic or legendary I wanted from collections at 20 power levels below and use it, now this is not possible. In case you did this to force me to use/farm infusion cores or farm exotics all over again to get them at my current power level I don't like it, because if I want to use an exotic I either have to use an infusion core every time I pull it out from collections or waste storage space with all exotics, what I'll probably do instead is just infuse 3/4 of my favourites and just use those throughout the season further limitating build diversity. It's okay if I have to infuse all my stuff for grandmaster nightfalls and all but to do the new strike? I find it annoying and innecessary.

– Bright dust changes: You said you'd change bright dust acquisition, putting some more in the season pass is not changing bright dust acquisition, to actively farm it in game you still have to do bounties, but now you just get half of it.

Doubling down on Strikes, Gambit and Crucible and still not giving them any attention: To farm bright dust you have to do those, to farm xp you have to do those, to up your power level you have to do those, to get stasis fragments you have to do those. There's raids, dungeons, seasonal activities and much more content where this stuff could be obtained, all the harder content should give more xp and powerful gear. Stasis fragments should drop one from a different activity, one from Shattered Throne, another from Pit of Heressy, legend lost sectors, Last Wish, Garden of salvation, the new raid, the seasonal activity, maybe public events in every destination. Same for bright dust, there should be more ways to farm bright dust than having to repeat the same strike every week cause you got the kill 150 fallen bounty again. On top of making strikes, crucible and gambit the main way of progressing in nearly every aspect of the game, you removed half of the strikes, crucible maps and gambit maps, and added no new weapons, no new crucible gamemodes, no new crucible and gambit maps, and just two new strikes.

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