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The ONLY weapons that needed to be sunset were pinnacle weapons.

destiny2 4 - The ONLY weapons that needed to be sunset were pinnacle weapons.

Pinnacle weapons were basically impossible to balance. They were essentially exotic weapons that didn't take up your exotic slot. You didn't have to grind to get a good roll on the weapon. All you had to do to obtain them was a quest.

If I recall correctly, recluse was nerfed 3 times, and it still remained in the top 3 legendary energy primaries in the game, amongst last hope and IKELOS SMG.

This is why MT, Recluse and Anarchy has remained one of the best PvE loadouts ever since Season of Opulence. Every time new weapons came out, they couldn't compete. The pinnacle weapons were already better than the new stuff even the new stuff had a god roll, so there was no point in grinding for god rolls. People would try the new weapons once and go straight back to their pinnacle weapons. They were a crutch for PvE content that made it too easy to complete activities, and the fact that they were earned through quests made it far too easy to have the best gear in the game.

Then Bungie stopped adding pinnacle weapons and started making 'Ritual' weapons instead, which were just weapons with okayish rolls on them. But they couldn't make these ritual weapons too good, otherwise it would duplicate the problem that pinnacles had.

This is why literally nobody used the Buzzard. On paper it wasn't a bad kinetic sidearm, but Breachlight exists. So there was never a reason to do the quest to get Buzzard. People could just spam fractaline at the tower obelisk or spam umbral focusing at the recaster to get a good breachlight.


Now that sunsetting is here, there is a massive loot vacuum because most of the weapons that weren't sunset cannot be obtained any more. They were only available in the season in which they came out. People who weren't able to get good rolls on these weapons don't have MT/recluse replacements. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Another example is 21% Delirium; an LMG with a massive magazine size that stacked with overflow, and a damage buff that didn't go away until the weapon was stowed or reloaded. Hammerhead couldn't compete. Edgewise couldn't compete. The two season of opulence LMGs couldn't compete. Simply sunsetting the Delirium would have solved this issue, but instead the seraph LMG is now the only legendary LMG in the game that isn't sunset, and you can't even get it any more.

An easier fix however would be to simply reverse sunsetting in its entirety, with the exception of keeping pinnacle weapons sunset so that they can no longer be used to burn through new content with ease, without the need to actually grind for any new gear that the new content introduces.

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