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The quality of Events seem to be going backward. (A brief look at the history of the best Events)

destiny2 8 - The quality of Events seem to be going backward. (A brief look at the history of the best Events)

I have seen a few post lately about how GG doesn't feel as good as most players hoped. That got be thinking about how this event compared to past ones. Here is a quickly made list of my favorite events and how lately things have gotten worse:

  • D1Y2 – SRL SRL was a great event in my opinion. (I know not all agree though). It was a completely new game mode that offered play that we had never experienced in Destiny. It also had high level drops that let a lot players (me included) finally get to max power level. Pretty much all the rewards could be won by playing I think.
  • D2Y1 Christmas and Valentines events. What I remember most about these two events was that all of the cosmetic rewards could be earned through playing since we still had the old bright engram system. I was able to play enough to get all of the Christmas armor sets without using silver and was able to get the sparrow that drops rose petals from playing tons of Crimson Doubles.
  • D2Y1 Solstice of Heros This 1st year of SoH was pretty amazing. It had us playing through old campaign missions that had difficulty cranked up. It was cool because we can't usually play through the old missions. It felt like 95% new content.
  • D2Y1 Halloween This was fun the first year as the haunted forest felt better than the infinite forest.
  • D2Y2 Spring The Verdant Forest was another good use of the infinite forest. I kept trying to see how many branches I could clear before running out of time. I think I made it up to 100. The neatest part of this event was the tonics which could give players really fast recharge rates. That made the whole game seem different. I had a blast using the fast recharge rates to do the whisper mission solo, but other players hated it in PVP. I still think it was a good event since it made the game feel different.
  • D2Y2 Solstice of Heros This year they introduced the EAZ. It was a new area and wasn't too bad. It was fun playing something completely new. I was disappointed that we didn't get a better mechanic for increasing our power. Picking up a bunch of solar orbs just to flash solar flames for a few seconds wasn't that much fun.

Once we got into D2Y3 things didn't feel as good. The best cosmetics are ones you buy, not earn. The events didn't really change or add new content.


Guardian Games isn't a terrible event. I do enjoy getting cool loot from turning in medals and running strikes with all of the sames class. The eververse stuff looks amazing and I'm one of the lucky ones with more bright dust than I could ever spend. It isn't what I really hoped for though. Wouldn't it be cool if they added different ways to compete? Here are just a couple ideas I came up with:

  1. Class Vs Class pvp matches. A 3v3v3 mode would be cool.
  2. Strike leaderboards. Which classes could come up with the best scores. We already have scoring so I think it could be done. They could be reset daily. Or even tracked online instead of in game.
  3. Bounty Hunter Mode. Give us some missions for finding HVTs, keep a running total of how many each class got each day and reward points for it.
  4. Speed run missions. See how fast each class could run missions such as the pressage.

I'm sure the other members of DTG could come up with way better ideas than me though.

This year's GGs are kinda boring and I will end up playing enough to get my triumphs and that's it. I don't really care who wins, which is sad.

TLDR: Destiny Events seem to be going backward. In years past we got new content with earnable rewards. Lately the events make us play old content that isn't changed up at all, and the good rewards are all behind a paywall. GGs is a disappointment and I bet members of DTG could come up with lots of better ways for our guardians to compete.

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