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The season pass model doesn’t grow the game and it hurts new and old players

destiny2 2 - The season pass model doesn’t grow the game and it hurts new and old players

The season pass model doesn’t work for a pve game. It’s as simple as that. Season passes get you very little in games like apex and fortnite. You get skins that’s it. Those are pvp competitive games that are not pay to win. You choose to pay for the season pass because you like supporting the company and the skins.

With destiny the season pass gives you access to skins and weapons but it also means there is little new content when compared to the dlc. You’ll get the exotic quests or the shitty seasonal events but you don’t get much actual content for the game like you did with dlc drops. The seasonal model doesn’t build upon itself like dlc did. With the dlc model it’s like you are writing a book series. You release the books one at a time allowing the person to read them at anytime if they pay for them. With the seasonal model it’s like you’re writing that series and you release a few chapters of a book at a time. But then you stop selling those chapters after a certain period of time. If your friend finds the series and likes it they cant actually read the chapters from the past few years. If Bungie has already made the content why the hell shouldn’t I be able to play it if I pay for it? I couldn’t go back and get erianas vow or bastion even if wanted to pay for it.

When new players join the game they get put in the new light mission and then it thrusts you into the season pass model. If they do a little bit of research they’ll go and grab the red legion, the warmind, and curse of Osiris campaigns from Hawthorne. The players will likely play crucible get a few exotic year one quests done and do those campaigns. At this point they’re probably hooked. That’s when they buy the forsaken dlc. They go through the campaign and then the quests and start doing cool raids and strikes. After that they buy the shadowkeep dlc and the same continues. But what do they do after that? They buy the season pass and then what. They grind the seasonal event? Do some nightfall strikes? Those things are fun (sometimes) but it’s nowhere near the same as dlc drops. What happens when the new player gets tired of the bounty grind? They don’t have anything to buy. You can’t buy a previous season. You don’t get to do the quests and the actual content from previous seasons. That grayed out devils ruin in the collections tab taunts you and you can’t do anything about it. You can’t get it even if you were to shell out the money.


No one has problems with season passes in fortnite or apex because they don’t give you advantages. Destiny is different. I am fine with paying for more content and getting new guns and items. That’s cool and Im fine if those guns are good in the crucible. But not being able to get those guns again fucking sucks. If you miss a season you missed out and that’s it. No one cares if they missed a skin in fortnite because they didn’t play that season. They can’t get that skin now and that’s annoying but it doesn’t actually affect things. If you missed a season pass you don’t have the option of getting any of those weapons. If you’re a new player you see seasons worth of stuff you can’t actually get. There’s no pay wall there’s just a wall. You can’t get that loot.

There was most always something to do when dlc came out but with season passes it quickly becomes grinding for another god roll and waiting for a 3 day long exotic quest to shop in a month or so. This artificial fear of missing out is stupid. We need to go back to dlc and actually have cumulative content. At the end of the year you can’t say that you have much more content to play than you did the year before. Seasonal content doesn’t expand the game it stunts its growth.

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