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The seasonal model is completely the fault of the community.

destiny2 8 - The seasonal model is completely the fault of the community.

So, today the time has been taken to once again rail the seasonal model in the game. What I find astonishing is that nobody seems to recognise this is our fault. We moaned for years about content droughts, gaps between expansions. We told Bungie that Dark Below, House of Wolves, Curse of Osiris and Warmind weren’t good enough. We told them we wanted to be drip fed content throughout the year.

That’s what we got, and what does the community say? ”No, go back to the thing we complained about before, this isn’t good enough”. Imagine being Bungie here, having to placate this overly vocal community at every twist and turn. All the while trying being told something isn’t worth the money. And it’s not like these things come out of thin air, seasons are built months in advance before release. SotH was likely a response to the lack of solo content available. But then when it’s introduced, solo content isn’t on the chopping block that day. So rather than recognise a request we asked for, we just complain that it’s not what we wanted, even though it’s what we asked for.


So, this post gained a lot of traction. I honestly expected it to be buried, more than anything I just wanted to (proverbially) put my pen to paper and get my frustration out of my head.


To start, I’ve cordoned off my entitled comment . I’m not going to remove it because I’m not going to pretend I didn’t say it. But at the same time, I regret it to some degree. I guess the phrasing is a bit fucked. I more mean to say, a vocal part of this community is never happy with what they get, even if they asked for it. I still think that’s entitlement, but differently to how I worded it.

There’s been some great debate below. One thing I do love is seeing some of the quieter parts of this community coming out and voicing their thoughts. Even if we sit on opposite sides of the aisle, there’s been some great debate and insight from a lot of you. Give yourselves a pat on the back, whether you agree with me or not, good job.

Flipping the coin though, there’s been some outright sewage too. To my own regret, I engaged it too, creating some sewage of my own. I’m not apologising, but I wish I could compose myself better in the wake of that type of response.

The icing on the cake of crap though. Two of you took it upon yourselves to privately threat me violently. One, took the time to stalk through my post/comment history, find personal information, and contact me with a threatening message via that. To the three of you, I can’t stress enough this point. FUCK OFF. Im not intimidated by your shitty messages. Suck a fart out your ass.

I have some thoughts on a follow up, but I don’t know if I have the energy to make a second edit. I’ve been hitting up comments as they come in, but 1K+ comments just isn’t feasible, nor am I bothered enough to address each and every one.

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