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The small successes of Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt

destiny2 6 - The small successes of Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt

The Destiny community tends to be louder about even the smallest failures than they are about the biggest successes. We're especially quiet about the smaller successes. So let's compile a list of the small successes of Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt.

By "smaller" I mean smaller than "the Harbinger mission is awesome" or "DSC is the best raid since ____" or "PVP weapon balancing is better than ever." Things we've noticed but haven't really mentioned out loud… quality of life upgrades and such.

Note: many of these could justifiably be countered with a "well ___ should ____ in the first place!" or "____ would have been way better!" … But let's not do that here. We're gonna play blindly optimistic, for once. No matter how deeply the silver linings are hidden in the dark rainclouds, we're gonna find them.)

  • Ghost mods – and masterworking them is cheap.
  • Armor mod changes – legacy mod slots, fewer affinity-dependent mods, etc.
  • All sparrows given quick summon.
  • Lots of new pinnacle and powerful gear sources.
  • Europa weapons and armor guaranteed to drop from high value target chests.
  • Multiple ways to farm Europa gear – HVT chests, weapon bounties, empire hunts, lost sectors.
  • Rotating empire hunts that don't require the preliminary quest steps, while also having the option to do any hunt at any time.
  • New areas and rooms on Europa continuing to open as the weeks progress.
  • Campsite and penguin room for displaying Europa trinkets.
  • Fragments unlock account-wide. But what about grenades?!
  • Trials gear was bumped from 1310- to 1360-capped.
  • Adept Trials weapons and new gear from old raids are 1410-capped.
  • Wrathborn hunts are easily solo-able.
  • Targeted powerfuls/pinnacles in Wrathborn hunts.
  • Improved descriptions on certain mods and perks.
  • Elemental Capacitor buffs now visible on stat bar.
  • Getting bounties from the app.
  • Bounties from multiple vendors tend to match up or overlap.
  • As OP as Stasis is… at least they had the foresight to increase the ability cooldown time.
  • DSC raid chest and spoils of war system – okay, this one is probably pushing it for the "small successes" theme.
  • Leaving a fireteam doesn't kick you to orbit (or whatever it is, I mostly play solo).
  • Variks can still hear us through the window.
  • Increased enhancement core drops, and prisms from ghost mods.
  • Farming for specific exotic armor types through legendary/master lost sectors.
  • New enemy types – Wyverns and Brigs.
  • Europa’s missions for unlocking more content and abilities over time.
  • The lost sectors and their story tie ins and live character scenes.
  • Exo challenges are neato.
  • Europa eclipsed zone is neato.
  • Europa weather system is neato.
  • Quicker turnaround on bug fixes.
  • Patrols carry over to other areas and you can fast travel without abandoning them.
  • More activities giving you full ammo off the start.

I'll edit the post to add to the list as we go!

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