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The Status of the Cabal: A Followup to my Fallen House post

destiny2 3 - The Status of the Cabal: A Followup to my Fallen House post

Hello again! If you don't know the drill here, I made a post recapping where all the Fallen Houses are as of right now before Beyond Light. You can see it here if interested:

Seeing as people enjoyed my work and wanted me to cover the Cabal, now is the time. This is going to go over every Cabal faction from D1, the Red Legion, and Emperor Calus' loyalists.

Here we go.

The Blind Legion: Beaten to a pulp before the Red War. Fate unknown. This Vex-obsessed Legion on Mars suffered large amounts of casualties thanks to our doing, other unknown Guardians who had a thing for dancing on Cabal corpses, and Oryx's arrival turning 35% of their troops into Taken. Their state as of the Red War was unknown, so I'm assuming that means one of two things: Their remnants were absorbed by Ghaul, or they were wiped out by the time the Reds arrived.

The Dust Giants: Scattered and deserted. Supposedly in their prime, they were the "elite" Cabal on Mars, with famous members including the legendary (for the wrong reasons) Valus Ta'aurc. After Ta'aurc was assassinated by us truly, they took another big hit, 39% to be exact, when Oryx showed up. It has been confirmed that they did survive the Red War, as its soldiers either took up arms with Ghaul, or deserted the Giants to join the Spider in his Syndicate.

The Ice Reapers: If not destroyed, crippled beyond belief. The Reapers included the three Psion Flayer bosses from the Dust Palace strike in D1 (remember their cool cloaks?), and these Flayers were their only known leadership. Already in a tight spot due to small numbers, the Reapers lost all their leadership in one fell swoop, and any remnants have disappeared off the face of Sol. There are rumors that they have a presence on Europa, but this is unlikely.

The Sand Eaters: Demoralized and wiped out. Being the biggest Cabal legion on Mars comes with its drawbacks, as Oryx clearly proved when he slaughtered and Took over half of the Sand Eaters' numbers. This only worsened as Guardians took out two Bracuses, leaving leadership a tough question to answer. It is implied that when Ghaul arrived, a few Cabal Legions revolted and fought against Ghaul for Calus. Since they no longer have a presence in the System, it is assumed they were obliterated by the Red Legion; any survivors would likely have been welcomed by Calus with open arms.

The Siege Dancers: Absorbed into the Red Legion. Despite being a Dust Giant, Valus Ta'aurc led this detachment of Cabal stormtroopers, so his loss also impacted this group as well. Guardians continued to remove Siege Dancer commanders from existence, but their presence was still large enough to be acknowledged by the Red Legion as they arrived. They opposed Calus making them a good opportunity for extra troops for the Red Legion. It is very likely all of the Siege Dancers joined the Legion, as they no longer have a presence in Sol.


The Skyburners: Achieved victory, from a certain point of view. It wasn't until TTK that the Skyburners started suffering losses, and when they did, they lost hard. They lost most of their fleet and arms on Phobos as Oryx ravaged them, then their Primus was Taken, then we killed the Bond Brothers, destroying any chance of a pyrrhic victory (a victory that also cripples/destroys the victors), and finally they were driven back to their beachead on the Dreadnaught. When all was lost, Ghaul arrived, and any Skyburners left considered their struggle won at last as they died or joined the Red Legion.

The Red Legion: Utterly defeated. Except maybe not. Though the Red Legion definitely made their presence known in the System as they conquered the City and all the territory they lost, it was the definition of short-lived. Let's put on a recap on their losses.

– Ghaul is killed by the Traveler. The fleets above the City are pushed back or destroyed.

– Bracus Zahn, their arms dealer, is assassinated.

– Kargen, the Technocrat is killed before he can fully harness Vex technology.

– Val Ca'uor's attempt to kill Calus and rebuild the Legion fails, and the Red Legion loses most of its fleet to the Leviathan's heavy weapons.

– A group of Cabal led by Ghalak, Forge Warden fails to capture Black Armory tech.

– Niruul, Ozletc, and Tazaroc attempt to use the Sundial to reverse the outcome of the Red War. They are killed once in their bodily forms and for good when they combine souls to form Inotam.

– Amtec, the sister of the Sundial's Psion Flayers, plots the Almighty on a collision course with the City as a last-ditch effort to end humanity. Rasputin destroys the Almighty.

The only significant Cabal left in the Red Legion is Caiatl, the daughter of Calus and the Heir Apparent to the Legion. She seeks to raise the Legion to fighting strength once again. Whether she will succeed is unknown.

The Loyalists: A faction that has grown fat with strength and numbers. With the Legion's numerous losses, many Cabal have sworn their loyalty to Emperor Calus, trading their oil and blood-stained armor for gold and purple garments. The Loyalists are easily the largest and strongest Cabal army in Sol under the Emperor's command, and have at times even allied with us under Calus' wishes. As the Pyramids arrive in Sol, how Calus will react, and if the Loyalists will remain unlikely allies, is up for debate.

TL;DR: Most of the Cabal Legions have been absorbed into the Legion one way or another, with a couple choosing to fight Ghaul, believing in Calus to save their race. The Red Legion itself is on the brink of collapse after their complete humiliation by both us and Calus, but Caiatl is the best chance the Legion has of ever reuniting. Calus' legion itself is the strongest faction left and will only continue to spread its influence to curry the emperor.

TL;TL;DR: can the red legion just die already jesus fucking christ please

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