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The Thorn QUEST is being sunset, here’s everything you need to know about the gun. Why it’s an iconic exotic, how to get it and how much resilience really is needed to survive 2 headshots + 1 bodyshot!

destiny2 8 - The Thorn QUEST is being sunset, here's everything you need to know about the gun. Why it's an iconic exotic, how to get it and how much resilience really is needed to survive 2 headshots + 1 bodyshot!

Hello, guardians! Concidering the Thorn quest is getting sunset and that a lot of new players will want to get it

As always here's the text version as well:


  • Mark of the Devourer grants ammo back and increased Damage over time effect.
  • High aim assist for a hand cannon with a effective range of 28 meters.
  • Recoil pattern goes vertical with a slight tilt towards the right. Counter by moving the aim down and to the left.
  • Deals 2547 (pve) and 68 (pvp) Headshot damage. Deals 1590 (pve) and 47 (pvp) bodyshot damage.
  • Anything below 6 resilience will not survive 2 headshots + 1 bodyshot.
  • Less than 1 resilience won't survive 2 headshots.
  • Damage over time deals 303 (pve) and 2 (pvp) damage. Mark of the Devourer buffs this to 909 (pve) and 7 (pvp) damage.
  • Mark of the Devourer ticks 4 times per application.
  • Start the quest by going into the salt mines, interact with the transmat device next to the broken down elevator, go up the road and to the left alongside the cliff, interact with burnt out fireplace for starting quest.


Thorn, a weapon built only to take the life of a guardian, is as you might have guessed, really strong in PvP. The gun doesn’t even fire bullets. No. It fires giant thorns that rend your target upon hit, damaging them over time and increasing the time it takes before they will start to recover. This is thanks to its exotic perk "Mark of the Devourer" which upon killing an enemy will create a magnetic green orb at the enemy position that moves towards you, this orb can be picked up for ammo added to the magazine from the reserve. As well as for increased lingering effect damage.

The gun itself also has a damage drop off range at about roughly 28 meters. So keep that in mind for the optimal time to kill.


Thorn also has super high aim assist (85/100), that is how much the bullets tend to magnetise towards the target, the higher the aim assist, the more area a shot has in terms of landing a hit.

While on the topic of landing shots, let's talk about recoil, Thorn tends to bounce upwards with a slight tilt to the right, so readjusting sights are fairly easy to learn, just keep dragging your mouse down a tiny bit and a very little bit to the left after each shot, or down and left on the right analog stick if you’re playing with a controller.

As for damage, a headshot in pve deals 2547 damage towards major targets while body shots deal 1590 damage. The lingering effect deals 303 damage up until you get a kill and consume the soul that is dropped, this boosts your tick damage to 909 damage per tick. So you definitely want to aim for the head and keep a look out for the orbs dropped upon death.

In pvp thorn deals 43 damage to the body and 68 damage to the head, the lingering effect will deal either 2 damage or 7 damage, again, depending on if you have the buff Soul Devourer from picking up a green orb or not.

This means that any guardian with less than tier 6 resilience will not survive 2 headshots and 1 body shot. However if you have a mark of the devourer buff active then 1 headshot and 2 bodyshots will do just as fine thanks to the increased damage over time effect. That’s insane. If you somehow manage to get less than 1 resilience, you even die from just two taps to the head. Just a fun fact.

Finally the Thorn is a bit different in terms of how you get it. It starts with a quest that you can find by heading to the salt mines in the EDZ, using the transmat beacon by the elevator, and going over to a secret campfire next to the cliffs, inspecting the fireplace will grant you the first step towards the thorn exotic weapon.

Hope this helps you out with the gun. See you out in the wild!

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