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The Unknown Solo Flawless Prophecy Meta (a Guide)

destiny2 4 - The Unknown Solo Flawless Prophecy Meta (a Guide)

Recently, I decided to tackle solo flawless prophecy. That emblem is just too cool. I'm a solidly above average player, maybe even good – I've failed Day 1 raids, solo flawlessed Pit (with ball duping*), and have done a solid number of raid runs. But I'm certainly not elite. So, I wanted to figure out the easiest loadout/strategy for actually getting it done. Online guides seemed like a solid start.

So, I went about and read all the guides available online – most from before Beyond Light. Most of them said to use some combination of Anarchy, Mountaintop, Blinding Grenade Truthteller, Xeno, Witherhoard, etc. That seemed reasonable to me – Anarchy/Witherhoard are great DPS options for the kell echo, Xenophage melts knights, blinding grenades can help with the adds, and so on. Then when I was actually trying it, I felt like I was trying to juggle too much in my head to maintain staying alive. Especially in the beginning of the encounters with all the adds spawning at once, I just couldn’t get the encounter under control quick enough to stay alive. Mote timers, managing add/boss positioning, not dying to adds and clearing them before psions split too many times, and so on.

I thought to myself, how can I make this a bit easier? I decided that at the end of the day, all the encounters are a lot more manageable if you completely delete the minor adds from the equation. On the phalanx, you only have to worry about knights and the boss so it’s a lot easier to find pockets to heal yourself without psions peppering you with little shots all the time. In the cube, likewise if you’re only worried about the knights/hobgoblins, no acolytes and such, the encounter is trivial. For the final boss, I felt like DPS was always a pretty easy part and I didn’t mind doing a ton of phases as long as I could get through the initial rooms reliably – and in that room, again, only worrying about the kell echo copies and knights would make it a lot easier.

So that all sounds great, and the loadout was pretty apparent: I needed add clear. So I started testing some runs with Trinity Ghoul as the exotic of choice.

The result is this guide. I included a lot of encounter guide text/tips, because there are certain small details that I realized are key to making the encounters manageable, or even easy, as I continued to do runs.

The Loadout

Kinetic: Heritage w/ Reconstruction (sub: Sniper for wasteland if desired)

Heritage will be your main knight killer – that’ll be pretty much its sole purpose. Within range, it’ll stagger knights on a precision hit and takes two precisions or one precision two body to kill the knights.

Energy: Trinity Ghoul w/ Completed Catalyst (mandatory)

Your add deleter. However, it’s important to know how to make use of Trinity Ghoul since it isn’t really like any other weapon. If lightning rod isn’t procced, your first goal is to kill an add with it ADS/hipfire – you’ll have to aim. Once it is procced, your goal is to keep it procced. For enemies that take more than one shot to kill (hobgoblins in cube, for instance), make sure you still kill it with Trinity to get the perk to proc again. The biggest benefit of lightning rod is that it’ll remove entire groups of psions while hardly aiming – even if they’ve split a million times. Once lightning rod is procced, you really shouldn’t be ADSing all that much. If you have the extra time to, sure, go ahead, but at the beginning of encounters with a lot of hectic adds, don’t. In fact, don’t even fully draw the arrow. The arrows don’t need to hit or do maximum damage, they’re really just vehicles for your palpatine energy. In fact, less draw lets them spread out more. Using it this way is what really lets you focus on the other parts of the encounters – mechanics, staying alive, and knights – without really worrying about the adds. As long as every shot kills at least one enemy, as long as you don’t completely whiff on a very forgiving shot, lightning rod will remain procced.

Heavy: Falling Guillotine (sub: Machine Gun for wasteland if desired)

Your DPS. Can be used for knights if they’re standing in the right light in cube, but wouldn’t risk it for other encounters.


We’ll be deleting adds as soon as they spawn, for the most part, but getting to the point where the knights/bosses are all that remains requires some good survivability. Because we’re running TG, we don’t have a reliable way of spawning warmind cells. So we go all in with a Protective Light build:

2x Void Armor: Protective Light, Stacks on Stacks

2x Solar Armor: Supercharged, Charged Up/Supercharged

Any Armor: Taking Charge

Class Item: Passive Guard (optional, makes DPS easier)

Also Great: Recuperation (couples well with taking charge and protective light – you may take damage running after orbs, particularly during phalanx – and the health will keep protective light from immediately having to proc if your shields are broken when you pick up the orb)

Taking Charge is great here because Trinity Ghoul is an orb making machine. Rarely should you go lower than 4x stacks with the above loadout unless your shields have just broken, in which case you’ll have 20+ seconds to heal and go make more orbs.

The rest below will focus encounter strategy, with some Warlock specific notes (I highly recommend Warlock for the easiest solo flawless runs due to devour and well).

Encounter Notes

Initial Caves

This is pretty easy, clear the thrall with trinity ghoul to get some orbs for protective light and then go ape the knights. Use the last 2 knights in the first area (after a respawn) to bring dark motes into the second area since that’s much easier than making dark motes within the second part.


Subclass, Mods: Well of Radiance, 2x Concussive Dampener


· Four knights – they only respawn when all four are killed

· Groups of psions spawn every time motes are dunked

· Goblins spawn halfwayish through DPS

General Notes:

Like other guides recommend, for the majority of this encounter you’ll be running loops around the edge. Trinity Ghoul will delete psions in groups very easily and make plenty of orbs of light to maintain protective light’s availability. When all four knights are up, try to take one out with trinity ghoul before trying to shotgun them. Rushing four with heritage gets dicey, even with protective light. Trinity ghoul is nice here because without having to aim, it’s pretty easy to keep on the move and quickly turn towards the groups of enemies and fire off some lightning.

On that note, since the knights spawn separated a bit, it can be easy to immediately take one out as it spawns with heritage which makes it all more manageable (do this every time they respawn).

Anyway, pre-dps cycle goes like this: kill psions with Trinity Ghoul, picking off a knight with heritage if the opportunity arises in a relatively safeish area, ensure you have stacks of CwL, shotgun 1-2 more knights to get the motes required to dunk, go dunk, and repeat.

Remember none of the adds are on a timer in this encounter. In a pinch, you can always just drop your well and then delay DPS until you have it back up.

Only other tip is if you get booped off, try and turn around and glide towards the edge. You’ll get “joining allies” and should be able to delay until the timer runs out – but you’ll lose CwL stacks and lightning rod.

DPS Notes:

As other guides mention, drop a well so goblins can’t shield, and lay into the phalanx with your sword. This will result in a 2-phase after the sword nerfs. If you want to 1-phase (it’s tight), you can take a quarter to a third of the phalanx’s health off before dropping the well (using passive guard, concussive dampener, and protective light to stay alive), then drop the well and continue DPS. If you’re 2 phasing, feel free to rip into the goblins with your sword once the phalanx only has a third or so of its health left – the multikills will create a bunch of orbs for CwL.


Subclass, Mods: Well of Radiance or Devour Voidlock, 1x Sniper 1x Concussive


· Groups of thrall at each set of bubbles

· 3x Hobgoblins on pillars at each set of bubbles

· 3x of varying major adds at each set of bubbles – Captains, Phalanxes, Hobgoblins, Centurions, etc.

General Notes:

A nice easy break after the phalanx, just don’t turn your brain off. Usually there’s a minotaur somewhere nearby the bubbles – you don’t necessarily have to kill it, but be wary of it. Start each set of bubbles by picking the hobgoblins off at a distance with TG. Then you can either drop a well near the major adds and shotgun/sword them, or proc devour and go at them. Use the thrall to keep devour procced as needed (TG or sword works). Just take it slow. You can also swap to a sniper and pick off majors from distance too.



Subclass, Mods: Devour Voidlock, 1x Sniper 1x Concussive


· 2x groups of acolytes at beginning of each room and then on a timer

· 2x Major Hobgoblins / 2x Major Knights – kill hobgoblin, knight spawns; kill knight, hobgoblin spawns

General Notes:

Surprisingly not too bad of an encounter with devour coupled with trinity ghoul. At the start of each room, quickly check what mote type you need and then go into one of the corners (try and choose one with a pillar or two for cover from hobgoblins but don’t worry too much). While going to that corner, proc devour with your grenade.

Once in the corner, use trinity ghoul (which is hopefully already procced) to quickly eliminate the majority of the acolytes before too many eyes spawn. This will also make a ton of orbs for CwL and keep your health high from devour.

Next, use 2-3 ADS trinity ghoul shots to take out each hobgoblin. If all arrows crit, it’ll only take two. You should be left with only the two knights left, which is easy to manage. If you’re feeling confident, didn’t take a long time clearing the adds/hobgoblins, and the knights are sitting in or are near the right light, just go sword/shotgun them real quick before the next group of adds spawn. Otherwise, just whiddle their health down and let the next group of acolytes spawn, kill them (trinity ghoul), then you have plenty of time for the knights.

Try to end each room with (1) lightning rod procced, (2) at least 4x CwL stacks, and (3) grenade up for devour. If you do all that, surviving the first part of each room is trivial, and once you have the adds and hobgolbins gone, it’s no harder than the first encounter (before the phalanx).


Please, just nova one of the centurions and then sword to finish and sword the other. No tricks needed, it’s cheese.

Wasteland Pt 2

Only giving this a section to mention sparrow to the rainbow road using the ridge to the left to shield you from where the adds spawn (bow out a bit to the left). Worst part of a solo flawless run would be dying because the adds spawn and explode your sparrow.

Rainbow Road

I see a lot of advice to take the platforms and jump down – which sure, do that if that’s what you’re comfortable with. But the only time I did that I missed a jump and died, since I had never gone that route and was used to sparrowing. So I just sparrowed it as normal, with the caveat where any time I felt even a little dicey I (a) stopped boosting or (b) jumped off sparrow and glided to middle of track.

Use the thrall at the end to proc lighting rod and get max CwL stacks.

Kell Echo

Subclass, Mods: Devour Voidlock, 2x Concussive, Sword and Shotgun ammo finders


· 2x Knights, respawn whenever one killed

· 3x groups of psions, respawn on timer

· Ogre whenever deleting a kell echo

· Sets of 2x hobgoblins during DPS that spawn as boss teleports each time

General Notes:

Perhaps the 2nd hardest encounter, which is annoying since it comes at the end. The most important thing is to start each non-DPS room with max CwL stacks, a grenade for devour, and ideally lightning rod procced (though you can get by without that).

You goal on entering a room is to go to the cover along one of the triangle edges, proc devour while adds are spawning in, then palpatine the shit out of all of the psions. Ignore the knights.

Once the psions are all dead, quickly go shotgun the knights. Unless you have 3 of the same required mote type, it doesn’t matter where they’re standing as long as you get the same type of mote from each. Immediately go dunk them – deleting a single kell echo makes the room very manageable.

After the first dunk, you should be able to reproc devour and sword the ogre. If more psions are spawning by now, go shotgun the other 2 knights – try and do so within the devour window. If they are, kill them first and then do the knights. With only a single kell echo left, you should be able to shotgun the knights and dunk it before the third wave of psions spawn. No biggie if not, since with only one kell echo, there’s plenty of safer areas and you have palpatine on your side. Just try not to dunk with a hoarde of psions around you.

So, just remember: sword ogres as they spawn, keep devour up as much as possible (not as difficult as it seems with trinity ghoul and shotgunning a knight down only taking 2-3 shots), if you need a breather chill in an area you already dunked with devour up.

Remember there’s no timer so before going down to DPS, you can always wait for psions to spawn and farm ammo. Like with the phalanx, if you’re caught without a grenade and need/want devour to proc, don’t hesitate to nova bomb some psions or knights. You can always DPS without it or wait to DPS until its back up.


Before getting to the nitty gritty details of how to run this, the general flow is: stay ahead of the boss, kill hobgoblins as they spawn, avoid boss teleport attacks, and then DPS with sword at the end.

As you enter the room, nova bomb the boss. It’ll take a few tries to get used to the aim, but after that it’s always the same and a good way to start DPS off. Then immediately jump to the left platform (where the first hobgoblin will spawn in) while avoiding the boss’s teleport. On this platform, the short little pillar will shield you from his teleport for the most part. When the hobgoblins spawn in, shotgun the one on the platform you’re at and a single TG shot should kill the one across. The boss will teleport shortly after that.

When he teleports, you should be able to pick off at least one (preferably both) of the two new hobgoblins before he uses the teleport attack. You basically have time to get two bow shots off. Once you do, jump diagnolly right and finish off a hobgoblin if left over. Spend the rest of the time until more hobgoblins spawn in avoiding the boss’s teleport.

Continue this all the way down the room. You should be using the lull during his teleports to pick off hobgoblins, and then when you hear him do the teleport attack, jump up ahead to be closer to him or even past him. There should never be more than two hobgoblins up at a time, and ideally even when there is two only one should be able to get a shot off. While jumping down the room, don’t worry about DPS – at most, just throw a grenade or pepper him with some bow shots if you have time.

Once the last hobgoblins are up on the final platform, kill them with TG but don’t shoot TG anymore at the boss – you want the lightning rod for the next room. If you’re quick, you can create an orb of light while killing them – save this orb to get CwL just prior to going back up the lift.

You should be getting to the final platform before the boss. Once the boss teleports to the final platform, just go sword him – I only used light attacks for consistency. If you can, attack him from an angle such that his stomp – if it does happen to bounce you – only bounces you up the steps rather than off the map. With the combination of 2x concussive, passive guard, and protective light (if your shield breaks), you don’t need any healing to do damage. In fact, you can sometimes finish without even having your shields broken.

Using this DPS structure – Nova Bomb, then minimal damage until sword on last teleport – you should be getting 20-30% of damage each phase. That’s not ideal for a solo flawless – with other loadouts some people reliably 3-phase – but again, the goal here is surviving in the other rooms. Which this loadout excels at. 4-5 Phasing isn't too bad given how much easier TG and devour makes the first room.

Once the boss leaves, don't leave the room until your grenade is up. You can take some time to gather yourself as well, your CwL and lightning rod doesn't have a timer so if you need a bit of time take it.

The only run killer in the DPS room I’ll mention is panicking while getting teleported. You will mess up and get teleported at some point – that’s no big deal. You can catch up, and usually still beat the boss to the final platform. What is a big deal is panicking when it happens. If you get hit, immediately stop pressing any buttons until your vision comes back. You don’t want to accidentally drop off a ledge.

If you somehow get teleported mid sword swing – it happened once or twice to me – you may come back midair. In this case, strafe guide and pressing it immediately when your vision comes back will let you safely get back to a platform (may have to mantle). Still, don’t panic and you’ll be fine.

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