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The Wolves of Mars is the best Destiny story you never heard of

destiny2 9 - The Wolves of Mars is the best Destiny story you never heard of

For those who don't know, in the Destiny 1 expansion, The Taken King, there was a side quest called "The Wolves of Mars". Once you were done with the main campaign of killing Oryx, this side quest became available. It included several missions and was a direct extension of the previous DLC, House of Wolves.

The story is simple: Variks, the Queen's trusted advisor who was a main character in The House of Wolves DLC, tasks you to go to Mars to end the House of Wolves. In the House of Wolves campaign, it was made clear that the Wolves didn't go to Mars because the Cabal were simply too hostile to allow them to get a foothold. At the end of the story you kill the leader of the House, Skolas, and get to wear his ass as your hat. Following The Taken King campaign, Variks informs you that what is left of the House of Wolves has fled to Mars in a last ditch effort to establish a foothold. All you have to do is decimate what numbers they have left, discover their leadership, and take them out.

The following missions are simple, with no serious mechanics, cutscenes, or anything like that. You go somewhere, Variks tells you stuff, you kill stuff, repeat.

So why am I here to praise some otherwise bland sidequest? Because of what it represented. The House of Wolves ended when we killed Skolas. Bungie had no need to spend time and effort creating an entire mini campaign to add to HoW. But in doing so, they took the story in an interesting direction and they tied up a thread left hanging in game. You destroy the House of Wolves. Aside from the few scattered bands of Wolves around the patrols, they are done. They are no longer a threat. It's all wrapped up with a nice bow while providing players with some lore and character building.

I want to see more Wolves of Mars. I want story lines wrapped up, cohesively, and in game. The House of Wolves is gone. I know because I killed them all.


Destiny 2 just keeps building and building but it never resolves any of the countless threads it brings up just to drop seemingly halfway through. We killed Ghaul, we spent the following year killing scattered Red Legion and his subordinate commanders. They just sort of linger through Year 2 and in Year 3 they're back for the Sundial! And yet we plow through them once more but oh wait now they set the Almighty to destroy the Last City! When will it end? When will the Red Legion story wrap up? Or did it already? Did we see the last of them when Zavala and Ana kill them on the Almighty? Or are they gonna come back next season to team up with the Darkness?

So few stories have wrapped up or at least met a stable resolution. The Perfect Paradox has been resolved and Saint 14 is now our Trials vender. What else? The Red Legion are still out there, maybe. Savathun is doing things. The Dreaming City is still in a loop and Mara is nowhere to be seen. Uldren is alive as a guardian and has been for the past year or so. The Vex are still doing their thing and now the Garden Vex are apparently not a part of the normal vex. Calus is still eating Nessus. The Fallen are just absolutely fucked and are currently in a massive power struggle that we last saw last year in Zero Hour. Rasputin is currently powering up, Osiris is missing again. Oh and Lysander might be a thing. Idk there was a lot about him and his Concordat back in Age of Triumph in D1 but that was dropped like a dead fish. And the Darkness is basically here.

Please Bungie, end some stories. Give us closure. Give us more Wolves of Mars

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