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The Zero Hour speed run emblem is more accessible than ever. Here’s how we got it on our second try

destiny2 8 - The Zero Hour speed run emblem is more accessible than ever. Here's how we got it on our second try

Most people consider Zero Hour to be one of the hardest activities in Destiny, especially on heroic. Enemy shields are ridiculously durable with match game, the route requires specific knowledge of exactly where to go, the checkpoints are brutal, the jumping puzzles are extremely precise, and the final boss fight requires a decent amount of advance planning and tight execution. It's a challenging activity, though it becomes a lot of fun once you start to get the hang of it.

There is also a puzzle. If you do the puzzle once on each singe week (arc, solar, and void) you can unlock…an absolutely hideous ship (and advance your Outbreak catalyst faster). The puzzle requires you to use a cipher for each singe week. You have to complete 49 entries.

There is also a secret emblem locked behind the triumph Expedited Exflitration. It requires completing Zero Hour on normal or on heroic with 5 minutes left on the 20 minute clock. The emblem is a gorgeous red, with stylized SIVA triangles all over it. Most people who try to do this attempt it on standard, hoping to just flawlessly rush through. That strategy is fine and it may work for you, but I have a better strategy: Do it on heroic. Why?

  • The triumph says to beat it with 5+ minutes on the clock, not to beat it in 15 minutes.
  • Heroic allows you to do the puzzle. Each puzzle entry adds 15 seconds to the clock.

So here's what you do.

You run through Zero Hour heroic on your singe week of choice. I like void, which is this week, because it makes Guillotine hit extra hard and because the only void damage in the boss fight is from the servitors, who are gonna die VERY fast.

Two people run normally, as fast as possible. This still requires some mastery of Zero Hour. You don't have to be perfect, but shoot for 3 mistakes or less. We had four and just barely succeeded.


The third person gets all the keycards for the puzzle and will likely be slightly behind the other two.

When you get to the boss room, you should shoot for 7+ minutes on the clock. Your two leads are gonna dive in and go to town killing adds. We ran a nighstalker and a top tree dawnblade (me, because that icarus dash really helps with the jumping). I ran a sniper, Hard Light, and Falling Guillotine. The nightstalker opens up on the first servitor with super, then you get the left side arc shanks then the dawnblade supers on the second servitor to nuke those solar shanks.

The third person stays in the puzzle room and does the puzzle by themselves. High mobility, sprint speed exotics, whatever you need to move faster. Their only job is to slow down the clock by putting in puzzle solutions. You can buy several minutes of extra time by doing this.

As long as the clock is above 5 minutes, just nuke everything as quickly as possible and you're good!

Some general tips:

  • Guillotine is king, even outside of void week
  • Swords in general are great because they can help with jumping
  • Top tree Dawnblade feels like cheating. It's unequivocally the best subclass and tree for Zero Hour
  • Arbalest is commonly recommended and it's solid, but it runs out of ammo quickly. It does one-shot shielded shanks of every element
  • Hard Light was easily my MVP weapon. Two of us ran it and the third ran Witherhoard to blast the boss fight walkers
  • Having one person dedicated to vandals and tracer shanks in the first few rooms speeds things up


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