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Theory: Some follow-on thoughts about how stasis will manifest for our guardian’s abilities and weapons

destiny2 8 - Theory: Some follow-on thoughts about how stasis will manifest for our guardian's abilities and weapons

TLDR I made a post several weeks ago about how stasis abilities may manifest differently for each class based the first elemental powers of the Light they wielded back in D1. This was well received, so following up with some additional thoughts based on the

that could slightly support those theories, along with some new stuff about how stasis may manifest on new weapons.


The abilities post included a little blurb at the bottom about how stasis might show up on our weapons and I think the ViDoc provides some further evidence:

My theory is that the light deals with energy elements (energy slot weapons) and the dark deals with physical elements (ice) – which could indicate something like stasis elemental weapons becoming part of the "kinetic" weapon slot. Adding stasis to the energy slot would be rough because it's already overcrowded there – this would open up new gameplay opportunities depending on how the stasis element functions – i.e. you could have both "darkness" and "light" primary weapons equipped.

We see the character menu at ViDoc 5:23 show us the following which seems to validate this:
Select darkness subclasses: Embrace the power within and unleash it upon the physical world
Select light subclasses: Wield the traveler's gift to bend cosmic nature.

Not only does it say subclasses (plural) which many people point out and is exciting – the juxtaposition between physical / cosmic (read: you can imagine the cosmos being represented as pure energy) here seems like it's playing out according to my original theory.


Based on what we've seen, there's a more hard, physical presence of the darkness than the way our light elements work. The super casts show scaly ice on guardian bodies instead of being bathed in the various light colors. I also don't think I've seen an enemy with a stasis "shield" the way arc/solar/void shields work – it feels like adding a fourth "shield damage type" to the mix just wouldn't make a ton of sense in addition to the weapon slot crowding issue already mentioned.

Ultimately, I think adding stasis elemental weapons to the kinetic slot feels super logical. A stasis elemental weapon might do additional damage to frozen enemies, or more quickly shatter an enemy stasis crystal that adds are hiding behind. While commenters in the previous post pointed out that "kinetic" is a type of energy itself, I.e. movement energy, stasis being the exact opposite of movement (i.e. all motion ceased so as to have something be frozen) is the exact reason weapons with that element would belong in the kinetic slot. Kinetic weapons would therefore represent purely physical damage.


See the original post again for thoughts about how stasis' super cast animations might support the idea that darkness abilities could be physical manifestations of how Titans wield the arc element, Hunters wield the solar element, and Warlocks wield the void element – these were the first three subclasses you get in D1 respective to each class. The idea was that Stasis therefore was "linked" to different elements for each class in some way.

The ViDoc showed us a little clue that I felt tied back to this nicely:

Selecting stasis subclass @ 5:23: This shows a hunter, currently using a Solar subclass, then switching over to stasis. Is it probably just a coincidence? Yeah, probably. I assume the darkness "node" for stasis will be in that spot regardless of what class you have equipped from a UI perspective. But this could also indicate that hunters first "embrace" darkness while using solar abilities as per my original theory.

Anywho. If you made it this far, thanks for coming on this journey with me. 13 days left!

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