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Theory: These bounties are terrible and medals were added to mask this

destiny2 2 - Theory: These bounties are terrible and medals were added to mask this

I can see the intention behind Guardian Games. I see this when I look at the intent behind the bounties. Abilities are what separates the classes, so why not set some goals which rely on a player's ability to defeat enemies using these abilities. In theory this is a good idea and even might serve to get some player feedback which could lead to some changes in relation to class ability balance. However, this is not my experience having played different classes in the last few days.

Here are some issues:

– I'm not sure that Bungie are aware how some class abilities function. I obviously don't mean that they literally don't know what abilities do, but they have limited experience or player feedback on how these behave in the sandbox, especially in some activities. Some grenades suck, for example. A good example I found was that enemies dodge smoke grenades and their trigger time and subsequent disorient window is tiny, so a bounty to get kills with disorient status is a pain in the *ss.

– I'm not sure Bungie are as aware as players are that a lot of our abilities are flat out bugged or extremely inconsistent. Melee registration is a good example.

– Some of these bounties either have actual flavour text errors or have stupidly obscure completion objectives. The devour bounty, for example. I dread to think how much time has been wasted by players beasting through lost sectors running streaks that didn't count. Also the hunter super kills on nightstalker.


– "Guardian kills are more efficient". Really? Does it count double? I haven't really noticed as I endlessly play control trying to get voidwall grenade kills. Is this really more efficient that a lost sector?

This could be the point, yep? The class that triumphs is the one which has effective and balanced class abilities – allowing those players to run up bounty completions quicker than other classes. But this is not how the event works – apart from the bounty gold medal. Most of our class progress is through medals earned through mindlessly mowing through enemies in various activities. (slight caveat that ability kills earn laurels, but note that this is for SILVER, not GOLD).

Bungie had an intention for this event but when they actually playtested it they realised that a progress system based on largely broken and unbalanced mechanics was going to be even more unpopular than what we have now, so they added the medals system to smooth things out. This unfortunately robbed the event of some of its value as a class competition.

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