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There are currently quite a few archetypes of primary weapons that need a buff in crucible. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers and why.

destiny2 6 - There are currently quite a few archetypes of primary weapons that need a buff in crucible. Here's a breakdown of the numbers and why.

Currently there are quite a few archetypes of primary weapons that are largely MIA in crucible due to being left behind when others got buffed.

Before I discuss them I must first discuss adaptive frame auto rifles.

They over buffed 600rpm autos by a long shot. They should not be doing 25 (shows as 26 but it's a decimal number) a crit. They should go back down to 23-24 per crit (used to be a decimal number , aka 23.5) The body shot damage is fine as it is it's just the crit damage allows for a 0.7 sec ttk that's easy to achieve for an archetype that can potentially reach 35 meters+ range before drop off. It's crazy.

Changing the damage to 23.5 just means it will require one extra body shot to kill. Bringing the optimal ttk back to 0.8 sec. They'll still be very forgiving, but not the literal best primary weapons in crucible as they currently are.

That also brings me to the first weapon type that sorely needs a buff.

~Precision frame smg's

600 rpm smg's should be doing 17 per body and 25 per crit. They currently are worse than 600rpm autos. They need to have an 0.7 sec ttk , not the autos. 600rpm autos should be 0.8sec. all other smg's have from 0.67 sec to 0.73 sec ttks.

~precision frame auto rifles

450 rpm autos are absolutely terrible and need a buff. 17 per body and 27 per crit right now. Body shot ttk is absolutely atrocious at 1.47 sec. They're pointless to use. They sorely need a buff to body shot damage. If the body damage was at least 19.2 (would display as 20 due to decimal) it would be a 1.33 sec body ttk. 6 resilience or less. Far less terrible. The optimal ttk would still be on the slower end at 0.93 sec, but it would be very forgiving. 5 crits 3 body at 6 resilience or less.

~adaptive frame hand cannons

140 hand cannons simply are pointless compared to 150 (lightweight frame) hand cannons because they both require 3 headshots to kill, yet 150's optimal ttk is 0.8 sec, and 140's is 0.87 sec. But it's about the body ttk here. 140's need to have a better body shot ttk. If the body damage was 49 at least it would result in a 1.33 sec body ttk (4 shots 8 resil or less) instead of the current 5 shots for 1.73 sec which is horrible. And the added benefit of 2 crit 1 body kills on 3 resilience or less.

~precision frame hand cannons

They need to do more damage, simply because the hand cannon range nerfs effected them badly. If they did say, 41 body 61 head, they would be able to 2 crit 2 body at a longer range. TTK won't change, but they'll just be more viable at range.

~agressive frame hand cannons


110 hand cannons should absolutely be able to 1 crit 2 body more than 5 resilience. Currently it's 91 crit 50 body. The ttk is the slowest in the game for primary weapons at 1.07 and the body ttk is 1.6 (ok for a hand cannon tbh) they need to just have more body shot damage. It should be at least 55, because then they could 1 crit 2 body any resilience level. TTK would not change. They also sorely need to have more range than other hand cannons due to their slow ttk. A change to their damage falloff would be good. Currently all hand cannons have a hard cap on range before damage falloff at 30 meters. 110's should be 40m. Simply because they have the slowest optimal ttk of any primary weapon in the entire game.

~adaptive frame and lightweight frame scout rifles

180 scouts are in a funny spot. If you buff damage too much they'll be 0.67 sec. And they'll remain pretty bad as long as their ttk is 1 sec. I they need to have their fire rate increased to 200 rpm. So their ttk is 0.9 sec instead, still 4 shots. 1 crit 3 body. And 200rpm scouts should go to 220 rpm, so therefore their ttk would go from 0.9 to 0.8. no damage needs to be changed for these archetypes. Just fire rate to drop their ttk's by 0.1 sec will make a world of difference to just make them compete.

~ rapid fire frame scout rifles

260 rpm scouts are a little slow, they could do with a little bump in fire rate so the optimal ttk goes down to 0.83 sec, and the body ttk down to 1.3 sec. Currently it's 0.93 sec optimal and 1.4 sec body. This equates to going to 270rpm if I am correct.

~lightweight frame pulse rifles.

450rpm pulses have an 0.87 sec ttk (body ttk 1.33 sec), but you have to hit 7 crit 1 body 5 resilience or less. They need a small damage buff to make them stand up to other pulses, namely the newly buffed 340rpm archetype (which is in a perfect spot imo, it's good but not overpowered) Currently 450's do 25 a crit and 16 per body, if it was 27 crit 17 body, it would be 6 crit 2 body and the body ttk would be 1.3 sec. Added benefit of killing 3 resilience or less in 0.8 sec (7crits)

~rapid fire frame pulse rifles

Could do with a small buff to body shot damage. Currently it's 7 crit 2 body, 24 crit, 14 body. If the body shot damage was increased to 15, the body shot ttk would be slightly faster. Currently it's 1.4 sec, if it was 15 it would be 1.33 sec (I may be slightly off here)

Thankyou for reading this. I can't TLDR this because it's by nature long winded.

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