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There isn’t enough loot in this game to sustain the kinetic/energy system that has been in play since d2 launched

destiny2 5 - There isn’t enough loot in this game to sustain the kinetic/energy system that has been in play since d2 launched

In d1 your weapons were linear, Hand cannons, Scouts, Pulses and Auto rifles were all kinetic, snipers, shotguns, fusions and at that time sidearms were energy and then everything else was heavy, there were a few exceptions but not many broke the ruling. Then in d2 they introduced double primaries, then after community feedback they returned specials to the kinetic AND energy slots, creating the system we have now.

In vanilla of d2 there were a decent chunk of weapons to go after, but the lack of random rolls made it feel like there were less, now, we just overall have less.

This new system may seem like it’s innovative into pushing greater customisation of play, but in truth it really doesn’t. People complain about the felwinters in crucible when in reality it isn’t that much better than a god rolled astral because that’s what the gun is, a god rolled shotgun, shot package just makes it more consistent. So let’s say you want to pair your astral with something to switch things up, your energy options are insanely lacklustre, I’ve been trying to find a hand cannon I like to pair with my succession or heritage or astral etc, but there just aren’t any I enjoy because all the best weapons like that are kinetic.

So now you have to choose, because there are no 72 rpm snipers in the energy slot bar trophy Hunter, which got FOMO’d out the game, so if you want to run one you’re out of luck. There are no kinetic fusion rifles other than bastion and also a very slim amount of 600 kinetic auto rifles, so you either run bastion or you have to use one of the kinetics that are there.


I could go on but everyone gets the point. Now I think that to combat this there’s a few options;

  1. Go back to the d1 style of kinetic, energy being special weapons and leave it at that (I don’t think this is what we should do, but it’s an option.

  2. When transmog comes in, allow us to change weapon skins as well as armour, but only within the subclass of weapons, so if you really enjoyed using better devils, you can make your ancient gospel look like it, this way if you add at least 1 non sunset weapon variant in each slot, there’s more customisation to play with without having to add in too many weapons and dilute the loot pool.

  3. Just bring back all the old weapons, I’ve seen a lot of people suggest throwing the nine weapons into the prophecy dungeon, also the spare rations is one of the best looking weapons to ever exist in destiny history, bring it back, even if you have to remove some AA or perks or whatever.

  4. Bring back d1 weapons so there is enough to have one of each archetype of weapon in each slot.

At the minute this system is way too restrictive and it’s why you’re seeing a lot of meta dominated loadout, not because things are overpowered but because the illusion of choice is exactly that, an illusion.

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