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Things could be better with the quality of life. This is community wide feedback for the last year thats gone mostly unacknowledged or ignored.

destiny2 7 - Things could be better with the quality of life. This is community wide feedback for the last year thats gone mostly unacknowledged or ignored.

For a long while now many things have gone unchanged with most suggestions simply m unacknowledged by Bungie. Those that have been acknowledged are few and far between.

Below is a list of things requested over the last year or so that to date (and to my knowledge) have not yet been implemented. A few of these things are known to be in progress of being improved as of the time of this being posted, and will be released with Beyond Light. We will have to wait and see what the rest may be is there are more than just the few that we know.

Enough rambling ABOUT them, here they are folks.

Starting off with a few things courtesy of Datto from his video a while ago:

  • 150 speed whatever that's supposed to mean sparrows when the only ones ever kept are 160s.
  • Weapon kill-stat tracking; why not just track to begin with and have a choice of display?
  • Planetary material farming from material nodes on patrol locations.
  • Optional Blue rarity armor dismantlings. Base it on level or base it on just being blue rarity, but let us deal with a little less inventory crowding.
  • Weapon telemetries are basically worthless with their overal rarity and value toward the gunsmith. Give them value or get rid of them.

And then into reddit community suggestions

  • u/TheAmazingLoaf 's post voucher for less blue drops after activities
  • u/DrPogo2488 's post vouching for the ability to slightly confine our choices in engram decryption.
  • Bounty generalization from specific vendors, ie things like: kill enemies, killing x enemy type gives bonus progression.
  • Consummables like finest matterweave that drop from occasional dismantles that require you to do X for Y item are annoying to deal with. Not worthless, just annoying. At the very least they would be better applied as a chaining effect until that one item is depleted or manually stopped from chaining.
  • Planetary/upgrade materials and seasonal currencies should have their own counters, identical to that of legendary shards, bright dust, silver, and glimmer.
  • Alternatively: just give us more inventory space
  • Alternatively alternatively: merge the mods tab into the consummables tab because it's basically useless and the only purpose it serves is to hold exotic ornaments (paid for with real world money) for unlocking or refunding and house transmit effects that should simply be collectibles. Also, unlocking earned/unpaid ornaments that should just be unlocked to begin with.
  • Patrol instances being borderline empty despite thousands of players doing the exact same things at the exact same place. Instances should at least try to converge players during and just prior to public events. Seasonal public events should have absolutely no excuse.
  • Getting kicked out of inventory when loading into any location.
  • Exotic weapons should bear champion perks as defaults.
  • Exotic armor affinity limitations. I think this one speaks pretty heavily for itself here
  • Option to toggle loading screen hints and tips to lore pieces or intermingle them.
  • Option to turn off loading screen tips.
  • Using a weapon should upgrade its masterwork here.
  • Ghosts being purely aesthetic with perks/mods being applied to them. Here and here.
  • One for titans and their walls barriers here
  • One for nightfall strike runners here because why wouldn't we guardians be fully stocked, locked and loaded for a fight against enemies of humanity?

I mean the list just goes on. This is a huge bunch of popular QoL asks from the last year and I hadn't even gotten to all of them. There are suggestions I forgot to link to their respective posts because I'm dog tired, sorry to you folks. Just know we aren't forgetting, Bungie, we really want things to change for the better, even if only in the most minor of ways.

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