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This is just a thought but… could we make way of a thousand cuts a little less useless beyond the infinite knife tripmine loop build?

destiny2 7 - This is just a thought but... could we make way of a thousand cuts a little less useless beyond the infinite knife tripmine loop build?


I'll admit, i'm a hunter main, have been since i tried it in vanilla d1 after being a bit dissatisfied with warlock's movement system in d1 and have mained it ever since. In that time i've seen plenty of supers get over buffed, over nerfed and so on.

Sadly, way of a thousand cuts for hunter (middle tree solar) is just… awful only ever used in pvp as a panic button by hunters or occasionally by the skilled pvper to tactically carpet bomb guardians. Or for the infinite grenade knife loop sometimes used for farming activities when ability kills are required.

Even with those limited uses however, the very limited lethal range and vastly inferior damage to single targets than other available super options to pve hunters (and pvp if i'm being honest, outlaw golden gun decimates this super in pvp in my experience if it's not used as a panic button) this super ends up being… just… awful.

And the worst part? the single exotic that made it worthwhile to use outside of the blind well was the first recharge super exotic to get destroyed by bungie. Leaving shards hunters better off just using nighthawk & GG any other hunter super for whom better exotics exist, and aren't quite as reliant on hope that your damn striker doesn't go blindly shoulder charging in wasting the perfect lineup for orb generation that you had saved your super for 30 minuets waiting for…. I'm off topic, back on point,

So I ask, could we maybe get the following done to shards?

  • Either super boost its recharge rate so we can just fling these things OR boost the base damage of each knife by say 20%?
  • expand the playing with fire mechanic, currently it only properly works with the knives (most of the time) and the incendiary grenade but 99% of "fire sources" in d2? doesn't work.
  • adjust the super's mechanic so if players hold the super button down while casting it throws a tighter fan of knives, or if quick pressed throws the default wide fan, this would help with the biggest flaw of the knives in that players have to be point blank to make them even remotely damaging to most bosses that aren't the size of an ascendant primeval servator.
  • Alter shards of Galanor to still provide super energy but allow the fan charge (the prior suggestion discussed) to be held for 5 seconds prior to super activation to throw an ultra tight fan of knives with low target deviation but lower range, giving this exotic more utility.

*post edit note, i do know they reversed some of the changes to shards, but, they're still pretty bad for a hunter super altering exotic, if they were brought more in line with Orpheus rigs like i suggested with the knife fan alteration it'd make them actually really good imo

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