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This Week at Not Bungie – 11/30/2020 – AI Learning, Autocomplete-Generated TWAB

destiny2 6 - This Week at Not Bungie - 11/30/2020 - AI Learning, Autocomplete-Generated TWAB

You might know how this goes by now. I run a few TWAB articles into the
apps - This Week at Not Bungie - 11/30/2020 - AI Learning, Autocomplete-Generated TWAB

Botnik predictive writer, which can generate sentences in an autocomplete fashion based on what you feed it.

Not Bungie has a website! All articles that have already seen their time on Reddit can be read over on


This week at Not Bungie, the DCV saved up to launch your solstice packages into thick Gambit.

With the release of Destiny 2 Beyond Beyond, we introduced two varieties of your heart candy. With stasis subclasses beginning in November, you can continue your new favorite Korean perks that you won't read. For every single dollar we have, we will sunset your Ghosts that originally had access to highly useful guardian healthcare. Now, players who die being upgraded with stasis will make room for Cosmodrome cone loops.

We're excited to see how long you survive in the tower without consuming everyone. The DCV will not grant bright engrams or activities when Beyond April launches Europa to the table. You can tackle the first armor pieces instead of deleting kids in the Crucible. It will be easy on Steam where certain leg armor mods will grant super energy on Xbox. Come together forever and make it somewhere with snow inventories.

Beyond Hotfix

With the launch of Stasis Objectives, we want to give everyone ample time to dig your characters a new grave. Here for all the encounters in the tower, without spoiling everything, is Factual Zavala about how titans are rubbing their homes across California.

Zavala: Guardians. We have seven total community emblems to expect next year. We continue investigating the darkness on Mars's strange tree of stasis. Where is Mars? We have fixed the last mission host instead of making meaningful actors for Shaw Han. The darkness abilities you've earned are going away. Season of the Event ends with the weekly tradition of honoring guardians that received any bright dust from Eververse. Here to succeed me are 22 shards of rat.

Rat Shards: After solstice went live, we started my purple glows on your alternate classes. This will now contain all Eververse content from Destiny 2 in your Android mobile devices. You can purchase my own eyes on with energy notes when the update goes well. The DCV will now sunset the DCV. To guide us through this speculation is a list of surgical bugs in our living rooms.

List of Surgical Bugs in Our Living Rooms: Crucible. We continue investigating people who play Bungie games. Strikes. Garbage disposals. Three days that follow the little giggle. We have a small grenade. Vents who observe other vents. Our known player experience. This week before December. Here to review a lot of questions about the sandbox is Hotfix


  • Fixed an issue where Ruinous Laying Persona names could cause weasel levels until you approach Shaw for those enhanced mods we continue to spend large quantities of time to get ready.

  • Fixed an issue where you are going to need some loot anytime during the year.

  • Reduced all platforms to create more 4k/60fps patch notes.

  • Decreased hunters to be less thick. Hunter stasis leg armor will drop from your garage.

  • Increased warlocks to get the space grandma. After reviewing player heads, we weighted warlock blood on your eyes and we're sorry.

  • Increased titans to get through the story missions. Three years for the first time after calling out YouTube for those unfamiliar armor perks and we look pretty good for shortening your minds.

  • This is not the only patch note.

  • This is note number 8, after reviewing the others.

  • Decreased Trials matches to 0000 seconds.

  • Increased Gambit matches to 3,000 hours per bullet.

  • Upgraded Deej to player fireteam. Goodbye for the first time.

  • Increased dmg04 to get invaded every day for removing bad styles from Europa.

  • Increased Cozmo into the DCV. It will be easy to snag some loot again.

  • Fixed an issue where you are shooting aliens. You will now shoot your Ghosts and will be pulled from both Destiny 1 and 2 into the DCV.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies would stop responding to players if they carried too many arrows in their heads.

  • Fixed an ongoing issue where you came from the Moon.

  • Why do these continue to exist?

  • This is now a patch note.

Who are those bugs over there?

Duplicate Hydrated Confusion

With more details on improving how you aim, we have a few more fun social months for the first time after calling out Twitch Streamers for those unfamiliar future disaster perks. Three characters every single week will be available to give us emails that may continue to earn more randomly rolled art. This time, players who observe a perfect mood will be deprecated from home. If you have any energy, we will give you raid boss hiatus for a while. If you haven't snagged the sweet wallpapers for Beyond Arms, we will sunset you. Happy creepy Drifter needles!

Movie of the Baboon

Are you ever closer to brain? I have already pre-resolved an issue causing players to see YouTube energy. Now to check in with our community volunteers on some werewolf appetizers. These movies aren't going to leave plenty for you to experience. They aren't entirely real. Sometimes, we have a few grenades work in the tower. Why this year? It will be taken offline for maintenance at least 400 times next week. Enjoy these over the next two weeks.

Movie of the Vault: Journey with the Big Trailer

Honorable Crawlies: After the Bin of Arrivals

If you want to earn the movie emblem, please stop reminding me that hunters lost those love spheres.

Another November at Bungie will not have this dedicated flag. We will deprecate more information into the DCV. Stasis subclasses will now contain all patrols in the Crucible. If you haven't snagged Beyond Different, your guardian will be upgraded to 4k/60fps. Note that season pass rewards can now penetrate Taken phalanx shields deep in the bottom. That wasn't a little tease. Whether you wanted it or not, the DCV has reached in the game and swapped Mars for a mummified Ghost. A few more fun things between now and 2021 will be available to players who already own their Xbox Series X, unlike you. Time to kill our plans.

Stay intact.

<3 Not Dmg04

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