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This Week at Not Bungie – 8/31/2020 – AI Learning, Autocomplete-Generated TWAB

destiny2 10 - This Week at Not Bungie - 8/31/2020 - AI Learning, Autocomplete-Generated TWAB

You might know how this goes by now. I run a few TWAB articles into the
apps - This Week at Not Bungie - 8/31/2020 - AI Learning, Autocomplete-Generated TWAB

Botnik predictive writer, which can generate sentences in an autocomplete fashion based on what you feed it.

Not Bungie has a website! All articles that have already seen their time on Reddit can be read over on


This week at Not Bungie, you have your Solstice packages rather than intended bright engrams.

We showed you the weekly reset date and you got better. It feels like just yesterday that you issued a delayed date for Destiny 2 stasis subclasses. Our usual celebration of your newest Solstice grind was not working for some reason. We want to grab the vault and correctly lunch it into the Leviathan. Slay the darkness with new Solstice subclasses that freeze players with packages that glow shortly after deleting your bright dust. Maybe you'll find a good preorder emblem on Xbox.

Embrace the Node

With new Arcadia armor sets putting Destiny into stasis subclasses, we know quick previews of patches won't receive insight. Bungie music team will remain playable in Gambit notes for Solstice bounties. Sometimes players don't worry. We will correct this in November. Your guardians will freeze in Gambit and Crucible when using bows or bright dust. Maybe you'll walk home with a fancy new Xbox if you haven't heard of the Iron Banner. Put it into your headspace to shoot at guardians in the Crucible. We have to stop spawning you with ammo.

An Early November

This August, every PvE activity will be available at Banshee-44. In November, stasis weaponry will allow us to add new duplicates of blue gods into the weekly lockout. Players who continue to give up will be released into the air conditioners on Twitter. Pursuits will continue our usual ideal of working out high stat rolls on exotic ghost pieces. Read up on your Solstice packages because we will stop spawning bosses in the EAZ on Tuesday.

Sweet Pulse Titans

I still have access to the expansion content vault. You will hardly blame us for celebrating awesome content like raids going away. We have made the decision to move you right under the studio alongside Tommy. These strikes should check their collections before we get deeper in the TWAB. Here to claim your rewards upon completion is Senior Gear Resonator Artifact, Kim Probably.

Kim: This issue causing players to encounter “Error Code: Players” will need to purchase individual color prisms from The Count. Slay bounties and complete enemies to give him the iPad he could have dropped today. Solstice packages found in tokens will be optimized for Titans. These are some adjustments we came up with for kids.

  • Increased Titans completely. They are available at the same time again instead of deleting someone.

  • Decreased Warlocks for Season of Your Hearts. We are vaulting known Warlocks and regions of chill rewards.

  • Increased Hunters to give you far more flexibility. Hunters can now make themselves bottom. We can also blame Forsaken for all of the crying.

  • Adjusted you to incorporate your armor pieces onto your guardian. Guardians previously had legendary ships on their waist.

  • Fixed an issue where subtitles could grant more bright dust per patch.

  • Adjusted ridiculous amount of damage that you'll have more questions on in November. Don't worry, and don't tell Deej.

  • Reduced dmg04 for a full season with the introduction of grandmaster hotness. He now displays the correct text for your troubles.

  • Increased Cozmo from a crafty Hunter to a single list. Maybe you'll find that soothing.

  • Decreased players who continue to play 10 hour days to give out exotic gear while their perks were generously reduced.

  • Increased shooting to hope that it will do damage.

  • Reduced stasis subclasses to freeze themselves before requesting help.

  • This is the final note.

Thanks, Kim. This checklist is separate from the bottom of the TWAB. Many armor pieces will continue playing into the event bosses for high blast modifiers. Stop swapping my shaders.

Movie of the Tapir

You've been asking since my original acquisition of the Destiny community. I don't think I've ever put that many questions into a single edition of Destiny Click Systems. Can you miss it without collecting my profile? Watch some community movies.

Movie of the Core: Come by the Iron Kicks

Honorable Pit: Stasis Page Will Freeze a Dreg

Submit your videos each week. They are also being vaulted.

Summer is going to freeze. Stay tuned to Xbox for Season of Bungie Rewards. Sometimes players don't tell Deej about the carton of milk in the Crucible. Many players returning to complete the event were not giving into Eververse, but we are making some improvements to make things feel available. Going to November will continue to be optimized for 2020. Let us take you to grab the leg by the thumb.

Until something else guarantees two enhancement prisms!

<3 Not Cozmo

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