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Ticuus divination catalyst information. (I went through the pain so you dont have to! :D)

destiny2 10 - Ticuus divination catalyst information. (I went through the pain so you dont have to! :D)

Hey everyone, so I went through the exhaustingly painful experience of farming out the catalyst for the bow, mostly because I love this weapon. Bungie didn't make it easy though since the quest is currently filled with bugs making getting the objectives that much harder. Below I'll quickly write down all the known bugs for the quest (and update them as people report them all since I haven't fully been able to track down their exact causes).

Bugs on the quest steps:

Step 1:Seems to be working as intended

Step 2:The kills do not count if they are from the explosion, you need to get a general bow kill (this is definitely for crucible kills but I think general combatants too)

Step 3:Luckily talking to banshee isn't bugged so this step is fine.

Filling the catalyst up:I believe this requires 600 kills, currently explosions are bugged and wont count so you need 600 ADS kills without proccing explosions, gl hf.

Now for the fun bit, the actual catalyst perk:Causality Quiver:Perfectly Drawn Arrows that detonate Sacred flames increase arrow damageStriking targets unaffected by Sacred Flame instead refreshes Causality Arrows' duration

This seems simple enough, prepare someone with the sacred flame debuff, ADS and shoot them at the correct timing. Receive a damage buff that lasts (from my testing) 5 seconds, although it doesn't display a timer for you to see. Why doesn't it display a timer?

Because this buff stacks baby

Infact it stacks up to x6, and can be procced off of explosions, so if you "prep" 3 targets with a hip fire shot and then ADS at one, the explosion that can trigger the other two explosions will also provide a buff, meaning you'll get Causality Arrow x3.

Do note that from my testing so far increasing the stacks of Causality Arrow does extend the duration back to 5 seconds despite what the catalyst says.


Below is a table of values, tested at the conflux lost sector on Nessus, I ask that someone please check my values to make sure but we can get some really nice damage here.

StacksDamagePercentage Increase (From Base)

So as you can see, we can get some quite high damage numbers off this bow making it amazing for add clear and dps on anything that isn't a boss. (In last wish when I was farming the catalyst I was easily 2 shotting knights to the head with this not even fully stacked).

Anyway, should you farm it right now? No, although the catalyst improves it a ton the quest is a really ballache and takes a lot of work, its best to wait until bungie fixes it or at least get lvl 22 in the season pass for the boost (I farmed it at lvl 17 with only the 2x progress booster).

Note:In a couple hours (currently midday exactly as I'm writing this note) I'll grab some friends to test the PvP damage and then add an additional table alongside some notes on the bow.Honestly if the damage in PVP is similar to PVP I think its going to make me put down my hush.
I will also include hip fire data for PVE and PVP

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