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Tips for GM, No cheese, no banner shield, 30-ish minute clears, with a lot of consistency

destiny2 3 - Tips for GM, No cheese, no banner shield, 30-ish minute clears, with a lot of consistency

I have been running a lot of GMs ever since s11

I am preatty sure I know What I am doing so Now I want To help players having issues in this strike

Let me start off by saying…

IMO This GM is one of the hardest execution wise, BUT it is Easier (considerably) than Both Glassway and Corrupted

Now lets start the tips

34 minutes clear at average, we feel we can go faster at the start My team cleared this second try with the following strats:

1 stasis warlock •Spam turrets •freeze champions and enemies to control the pace of the fight • Use Ur ult for quick CC • More agressive-support type style

1 Invis hunter • Double invis melee • strategic rez • Easy finishers • Immunity phase boubles breaker • More agressive playstyle

1 phoenix warlock • The heart of the team • Nornally running anarchy allowing more passive play • Use super as often as necessery • "Keep them alive" mentality • "Dont die" mentality

Encounters: Only 2 since they are the hardest ones

  • Tank room: We have 2 izi players, they both shoot one of the back legs of the left tank as soon as it spawns, killing that leg. Then the three players destroy the 2 front legs, killing the left tank before anything has started shooting ur team. We proceded to move to the close right side of the map getting cover from the right tank. Once we kill the snipers, adds, and the left and middle colosus we kill the right tank (dogs are already dead), with this clean the rest of the adds

  • Boss room: The basics of this is rotation.

We start the fight by the far left side where the unstopable champ spawns, we kill the first fire ball attack, and while my team deals with boss dps, I get ready to freeze a couple of adds that are about to spawn on top of us


When the boss goes imune me and the other izi player ready our shot to Insta kill the unstopable champion that spaws close to us, while the other player tosses anarchy on the champ and starts shoot the fire balls, 2 of us rotate (izi players) to the other side by going throught the "oven" under the boss spawn, the anarchy player will juke and bait the unstopable champ around the oven while the other 2 atract fire ball agro (riskiest part)

The hunter with invis invades the boss imunity bouble once he stops doing his fireball attacks, and uses 2 4x izi shots, destroying it the immunity shield

I use my super to clear adds, we rotate to the front door we came from. Adds are down, dps+fireball manegment, once the final immunity phase starts I toss my turret to the left side so it freezes the left champion for a while, we bake as soon as possible the right champion, after clearing the first wave of the fire balls, then we kill the second champ while taking care of fireballs

The hunter kills the immunity thing the same way as before, and goes invis, when the boss reaches the middle, we are all in different spots of the map, the warlock with well is at the spawn door (he pops well), the hunter is in the far left corner, ( he pops thether as soon as the boss lands in the middle of the arena), I the shadebinder, me, is on the right back side tossing another turret to gaing 5% bonus damage on special and heavy weapons… we bake the boss as fast as possible with this set up, the well warlock may die here, he will have the most agro, If he dies the hunter goes invis and I bait the boss around the oven

The boss will die very shortly after

Thats it, we maneged to clear it 3 times today back to back!

It worked very well


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