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Tips for Raid LFG groups

destiny2 9 - Tips for Raid LFG groups

I've recently been using LFG a lot to collect all the weapons/catalysts from Leviathan/Prestige/Spire/Scourge, and from using the app to meet with strangers every other day to do these activities, I just wanted to state things that some of you might find useful.

  • Refer to yourself in the third person for all callouts. No matter who you are, everyone sounds like a 15-year old white guy with only minor varying inflections; "On me" is dumb to yell when that can be five different possibilities.
  • Conversations are fun, but they have to stop the moment serious callouts need to start. Finish your dog story once I'm out of the Void Room, because kicking you and finding a new 6th would probably be quicker than wiping 5 more times because someone can't hear "Axes".
  • If someone says they don't know a segment, and another person starts explaining, also be silent. There is no Raid mechanic that needs 2 or more people explaining it, and the background commentary only makes things more confusing.
  • If someone is the cause of a wipe three times over, offer to switch with them. It doesn't matter if the role they have is "the easy one"; some people are just weirdly bad at basic platforming, or add clear, or callouts, or major DPS. If they refuse and seem confident ("I got it, bro, I just slipped up"), let them keep the role, but at least offer, because some people go on tilt after a few failures, and you'll never get anything done.
  • "KWTD" is the most useless LFG phrase ever. Just don't use it. It's just shorthand for "We are or have failed a lot, and are getting irrationally impatient". Same thing with "10+ clears".
  • The answer to "Do you want to do after this?" is always "No". I've yet to have an even close-to-successful experience with any of these after-Raid activities. I swear, some of y'all could fail a playlist strike, and I'm astonished that some of these people managed to beat a Raid.
  • Tip your headset microphone to the side of your mouth. This prevents your nose-breathing from being heard. You might end up a little quieter, but the removal of ambient sounds is worth it.
  • Your "optimal" build is the one that keeps you alive. I'm glad you have Divinity/Xenophage/Catalysted Whisper/Celestial Nighthawk/whatever. But if you keep being a revive token dumpster before every DPS phase, Your best build involves Crimson, Workhusk Crown, or Rat King for invisibility.
  • One-phasing is great. Being coherent enough to make it through two phases is the better of plans. Because if you can only do one setup phase without the team breaking down, there's something lacking.
  • Leviathan in particular is a 750 Raid. Your light level doesn't matter. I've seen people struggling with pulling a weapon from their collections because they don't like the singular item 20-level ding.
  • If the Sherpa says "Equip a sword", don't ask "Is Prospector okay?" And all other related Sherpa-doubting situations. Because if you knew what to do, you wouldn't have the Sherpa with you. Just sayin'.
  • Raid Banners are sold in the Tower by Hawthorne for 3000 Glimmer each. Stock up, and use them every now and then. It's good manners, especially if you're the cause of the wipe.
  • The Boss DPS phase is a bad time to be working on your Banshee-44 bounties. Wow, a Riskrunner. In a raid with no arc damage. On a boss more than 30 meters away. Did you run out of all other ammo, and if so, why did you waste your good ammo on add clears?
  • Raids are hard. Expect to die/wipe a couple times. Be chill about it. Your teammates aren't Esoterickk and Gladd. Some microphones are tin cans. Two of your teammates will still be suffering from the sprint glitch that was supposedly fixed a patch ago. One guy will always start the activity before everyone refreshes at the Raid Banner. The proper response to a wipe doesn't involve expletives or rage. "What happened?" and "Is everyone good this time?" are good starter questions.

If one person learns from this, I'll be happy.

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