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Tips on Prophecy Solo Flawless

destiny2 3 - Tips on Prophecy Solo Flawless

Hey everyone!

This is the first time I am making a post on this subreddit! I have been reading all of your helpful advice ever since I started playing with New Light so I figured it was about time I give something back to the community. I just finished running Prophecy for the Solo Flawless triumph and I thought I'd put up some tips for people in case they want to try it out themselves.
Please beware, I am a good at formatting on word, but I've never done it on Reddit, so I hope this comes out lookin' at least half-decent.

Super bad quality stream but here are my first two failed attemps (wipes on 1st boss) and then my full successful run on twitch:
(I was very stressed in the end 😐 )


The dungeon's encounters are at:

  • 1st boss – 1040
  • 2nd encounter – 1040
  • 3rd (final) boss – 1060

For that reason, you want to be around 1060 at least in order to make your life easier. Anything below 1056 or so I would say would have a very hard time doing this triumph.
(I was at 1062 myself when I did it.)



You want to be running some of the following:

  • Major Resist – because most of the things that will be hitting you hard (and for the resist will actually be activated more often) are powerful enemies. These come in the form of knights for all 3 encounters, the goblin shielders for the 1st encounter and the snipers for the 2nd encounter.
  • Consussive Dampener – there is a LOT of fire and boom boom going about. Be it the knights with the fire they spread on the ground or the boss making big blasts, you might need at least x1 of those.
  • Ammo Finders / Scavengers – Other than the resists, I had double Grenade Launcher Ammo Finder and double Grenade Launcher Scavenger.
  • Other Mods – I am kind of crazy when it comes to theorycrafting so my gear was perfectly prepared for having Taking Charge and Protective Light as well. Up to you if you wanna play those though.
  • Armor Stats – DO NOT MATTER. Yes, they don't. Resists are more important. Unless you plan on stealthing all the time as a hunter, only then would you need a 100 mobility stat to make sure that Cooldown goes down fast.
  • Oppressive Darkness – is amazing. Slot it. Now.
  • Taken Barrier – probably the best mod I had for this.
  • Taken Armaments – somewhat useless in my opinion. You barely ever kill stuff with a grenade and there is also plenty ammo to go around in order to be at medium to full capacity on your heavy.

Of course, if you do not know already how resist mods work, they are actually 10 times more useful in many cases than any stat mod and they also stack. If you have one, I think it is around 10% resist and if you have two it is around 18% resist.
(I personally run x2 Major Resist and x1 Concussive Dampener, so that I can survive the knights. I killed all the smaller mobs as soon as I saw them anyway, but I'll explain more on that later.)



I do not know that much about Warlock and Titan, but I can say a lot about Hunter.

  • Hunter – you definitely want to be top tree void since it allows you to stealth with dodge and also has a powerful tether (the bottom tree tether has you flying in the air for too long, making you an easy to kill target). If you are very comfortable with bottom tree (gambler's dodge for continuous stealth) then definitely try that out.
    (I personally used the reload dodge with top tree so that I can reload my anarchy whenever I needed to do so fast. Comes in really handy on the final boss.)
  • Warlock – I would say devour. My friend did it just before me with devour and he managed to do it in a much more relaxed way than me on Hunter. So who knows… warlocks too good? :thinkingemoji:
  • Titan – I have no idea. Apparently it's a good class to do it with though.



Now, I know everyone loves Recluse, but I personally hate it. I love SMGs, but I'd rather use Hero's Burden or Bug-Out Bag for the extra impact and different perks whenever I need to use an SMG. HOWEVER… I actually didn't use an SMG at all.

  • Primary – Mountaintop is the way. Slap a Taken Spec on it and you're good to go.
  • Secondary/Energy – Gnawing Hunger. I had a decent roll with Subsistence and Rampage and since I really enjoyed playing that for the last couple of days, I just masterworked it and went all out with it. Honestly, anything you put here will be fine. I would say that Recluse is probably better since you always switch to secondary just to finish off something that is at 1/10th of its health.
  • Heavy – Anarchy. This gun is in my opinion broken. It should not be in the game as it makes everything 10 times easier than it should be. It is perfect since you can slap a knight with it, go hide in the light or dark away from it and then when it's dead, come out and get the motes. I'll explain more on this later.

Exotics – Stompees – Wormhusk – Frostees

  • Stompees – for jumping and running fast. :p
  • Wormhusk – this saved my butt a thousand times on the last boss. I played it only for the last encounter and it honestly just helped tremendously with staying alive. I found it to be way more useful than the boots exotics.
  • Frostees – you would say "why don't you play the double dodge chestpiece exotic?" and I would tell you "mi mi mi mi". The correct answer though here is; they are both good. I played Frostees for the 1st and 2nd encounter and they did great.
    (To be completely honest, I think I forgot to change from Stompees on the 1st encounter and it kinda helped with jumping up to hit the lights)



1st Encounter – Boopy Boi

The first encounter is very close to the difficulty of the last one. The platform you are fighting on is extremely small and there are mobs everywhere. So what you wanna do is follow these steps:

  • Kill small mobs as soon as they spawn (Grenade / Mountaintop / Primary).
  • Kill all remaining small mobs (Mountaintop / Primary).
  • Focus the knights one by one (you will need x2 Dark and x2 Light cleansed anyway, so does not matter what you do first). (Mountaintop / Anarchy).
  • Do NOT be afraid to use Anarchy and run and hide for killing the knights.
  • Dodging (as a hunter) to get stealth before you pick up the last mote, so that you are carrying the big mote in stealth to go cleanse, is a beautiful idea I came up with (smart boi.)

General rule is that the light motes are harder to get since you can't shoot from cover to get them in most cases.

  • Kill small mobs again as soon as you've cleansed x2.
  • Start on the boss by doing Anarchy and then going away from it to start doing mountaintop.

Any ults you have, should be used here by the way.

  • Focus the goblins as soon as they are up and try to keep an Anarchy on the boss.

Rinse and repeat and the first boss will die.


1st Wasteland Part

You want to Mountaintop the snipers from afar before you approach the Taken Blights. The rest is just easy if you take it slowly.


2nd Encounter – The Gravitron

This room is easy as long as you make sure you always safe. Yes, very easy to say but sometimes hard to do, but honestly, just focus on staying alive. Do not take risks.

  • See what kind of beam you need to clear (light or dark).
  • Kill one of the two snipers first (Mountaintop should one shot them at high power levels).
  • Kill the small mobs as well (Mountaintop preferably). Mountaintop a group right after getting the first sniper and then take cover to take out the second sniper too.
  • Next up, just deal with the knights with Anarchy. Feel free to be using Anarchy for the knights here since you will be getting lots of ammo until the final fight.

Rinse and repeat until you've hit the light you are following 5 times and then you will be getting the bosses. The bosses are extremely easy though. Just use your ult (if you have it) and then just Anarchy both and wait.


2nd Wasteland

Slowly walk towards the boss until you are through.


Journey Ribbons

I will be completely honest with you; I did not use my sparrow at all here. I took it slowly by walking through the whole thing and using Mountaintop on the snipers whenever I saw them. It should one shot them from very long distances.


3rd Encounter – THEY ARE EVERYWHERE (aka Echo Dude)

Last boss is the thing I was scared of the most. Apart from the fact that you are now not in a fireteam and therefore the focus of all mobs in the room, there is also the running part, which is extremely difficult to traverse while staying alive and also doing DPS.

  • Same plan as before, kill the small mobs as fast as you can when you see them.
  • Keep dodging (even at more than half health) to keep a full health bar.
  • Same thing as before for cleansing the beams, make sure you stealth before picking up the last one. Another good plan is to pick up two motes and then leave the last one around just in case you have to walk back and pick it up to refresh your buff (if you are taking too long to kill the next knight.)
  • Remember that mobs do not have a phase that you need to pass before they respawn, they have a timer. You don't have to be extremely fast though, so take your time.
  • After you cleanse a beam, MAKE SURE YOU ANARCHY THE OGRE. If you don't, it will start roaming around and it will eventually destroy you. Do 1 shot on it and then 1 shot on the ground and run away, it will die just from that.
  • The first beam is always the hardest, after that you can chill a little bit since there will be one less big guy shooting at you. Also, now there is a safe spot.

As soon as you cleanse all the beams, take a breather and then prepare for the hardest part.

  • As soon as you drop, you may wanna use tether, since this is the best spot you'll get for DPS on him.
  • You could save your nade for after the tether ends so that you can have a debuff on it again later.
  • As soon as you use your ult, Anarchy right away. One on the boss and one on the ground.
  • My plan for this was to move on the left platform and the main one, back and forth. That way, I was able to avoid all of his projectiles and also the big portal-projectile. Shoot a couple mountaintops in the meantime here.
  • After that, make sure you kill the snipers. I used mountaintop to kill them whenever I saw one. The ones in the far back you might have to aim carefully for, but the rest you can aim next to them and then finish them off with your primary.
  • Keep moving close to the boss and just make sure you have Anarchy on it. If you are afraid of dying, just hide behind the little obstacles and you'll be fine. The portal-projectile does not go through them.
  • The hardest part here is getting the two snipers in the back when they spawn. They hit for a lot so make sure you get them.

That is basically it. Just make sure you stay alive in this running part. If you get hit by the portal-projectile, just run back, do NOT panic. You have enough time to run close to the boss before you Dark Entropy debuff goes too high.

Rinse and Repeat from 3 to 5 times (I did it in 4) and you should be done. The last fight is by far the most stressful one, but just make sure to stay alive on the running part and you will be just fine.


I hope this helps anyone willing to take on the dungeon. I also hope I did not miss anything since I wrote this quite fast right after the run.

The emblem is REALLY cool looking so I hope you all manage to get this done soon!

Thank you Bungie for the amazing content you brought us with this season and I wish all the best to all of you guardians undertaking challenging triumphs like this one!

Shoutout to my amazing fireteam members Cronline (who did this run just before me) and Simz (who is attempting it soon) for being awesome and running this for the #14 clear of the dungeon. They helped a lot through the exchange of information and tips on how to do this.

(I just wanna say here that, I met Cron and Simz through the LFG, so I would say; give it a chance, it's not always as bad as you think it may be. Even if 99% of the time it's people that just want to get carried :p)

Later! 😀

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