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Titan barricade rework(?)

destiny2 6 - Titan barricade rework(?)

idk if that is the right name for this, however i have been a titan main since d1 (insert veteran Destiny player complaint), and i love being a titan. i also enjoy playing as warlock and hunter just not as much.

anyway the crux of the issue is that titans barricades, haven't been changed since the beta, apart from tweaks,

i know this is the same for everyone else however i dont feel right making a post about it since i dont MAIN them

so i have come up with reworking ideas, will bungie do any of these probably not, because they will a LONG time to do and need to be balanced and etc etc.

TLDR: this is only barricades, i have rough 3d renders of my ideas in the comments.

also thanks u/warlockandkey

Waffing down, now on with the post

barricades general changes

a far as i can remember (not saying much), the most bungie has done with barricades is tweak HP, etc however they have existed since – as i stated – the beta mostly unchanged, now we have had MAJOR sandbox changes, the go fast update, forsaken and special weapons, shadow keep and armor changes. and as such i have some suggestions

  • non rally 'cades are treated as an player in terms of tracking and lunges
    • as in Jotunn will track the barricade if it is closer in anyway then you
    • same with melee's etc
    • NOT bullet magnatism OR aim assist
  • barricades at base have 500HP, (from 600 currently)
    • but do not take extra damage from:
      • anti barrier, weapons
      • special weapons
      • power weapons
    • they reduce phase through damage
      • blast damage going THROUGH a barricade, lowers it's damage
      • this goes for weapons, abilities etc
      • this would be quite significant maybe 35%
    • also thoughts on reducing grenade damage TO the barricade since when ever someone sees a barricade they just toss a 'nade on it and that is all it takes
  • barricades have a 15% faster summon speed
    • as in 2 sec summon time currently it would be a 1.7sec summon timer
  • barricades cancel momentum
    • this is an anti APE measure, not 100% sure on it but
    • what this means is that you cant slide/lunge/run through a barricade
      • apon contact with a barricade you lose all momentum and are forced to walk at a crawl until they have left the barricade
  • summoning a barricade grants a 0.5sec period of 1.5X weapon handling
  • barricades have HARD edges as in they have a solid line as an out line, although the current one is more natural or lighish, i think harder edges is more in line with a titan.
  • all barricades descend 0.5m into the ground

specific changes this is the kinda ****y models i did up as a reference


Towering barricade

  • changed design from current since it isn't very towering
  • barricade isn't as wide being a little winder then the player model (see the black rectangle)
  • however it is FAR taller, being about 2.25X the height of a player model
    • not including the 0.5m that goes into the ground
  • see my linked images for what they look like
    • see how the side wrap around a little for some added protection
  • EDIT : this one could have a new animation where our guardian almost rips this barricade up and out of the ground

rally barricade

  • overhalled it's design some what to make it more, like a machinegunners nest
  • as can be see the new design has far taller sides,
  • having the "rally barricade" buff does more now
    • still has the reload buff
    • increases weapon handaling (stat buff = (stat/100)-1)*-50
    • increases weapon stability (stat buff = (stat/100)-1)*-65
      • (can you guys vote on a range buff?)


  • since my ideas are technique getting rid of the current towering barricade design, i desided to keep it, with some changes
  • since both the other barricades are very specialised this would be a the "normal" barricade
  • barricade has a 30% faster summon speed
  • 10% less HP (from 500 to 450)
  • 15% faster recharge
  • in design it is not as wide

thoughts, oppinions, comments,? let me know either as a private message or as a comment

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