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Titans should have at least 1 skill on a subclass benefiting the barricade… (Numbers inside)

destiny2 8 - Titans should have at least 1 skill on a subclass benefiting the barricade... (Numbers inside)

So, each class has exotics and abilities for their resepective class ability (dodge, rift, barricade)… Wait, what lies am I speaking. Every class except Titans. While playing Hunter since a long time I did realize how many skills they have affecting dodge or buffing/recharging it. I can understand why so many people like playing Hunters gameplaywise. I myself love the camouflage on the big anchor bow.

Other classes don't have that much cool stuff.

I counted in all skilltrees for skills improving or recharging the class ability. Those are the results:

Titan: 2 skills recharging barriers (requiring kills), affecting barricade itself

Warlock: 3 skills recharging rifts (upon healing or standing nearby allies or collecting charges), 1 affecting the rift (Arc souls)

Hunter: 3 skills recharging dodge partially or entirely on kills; 4 skills improving either dodge (damage resistance and camouflage) or buffing other abilities after dodging (melee range and arc explosions on arc staff after dodging)

At this point I want to ask why we Titans have no own skills for improving barricade. Warlocks have at least 1. Hunters have freakn 4 skills improving the dodge or buff other stuff afterwards.

But before I go on a full rant let us count in the exotics per class affecting the class abilities in function or buffing.

Titan: 4 exotics (Citan's Ramparts, Crest of Alpha Lupi, Heart of inmost Light, Khepris Horn)

Warlocks: 4 exotics (Lunafaction, Vesper of Radius, Sanguine Alchemy, The Stag)


Hunter: 7 exotics ( Graviton forfeith, Gemini Jester, Fr0st-EE5, The Bombardiers, The sixth Coyote, Wormhusk Crown, The Dragons Shadow)

So, in conclusion the results are:

Titans: 2 recharge skills+ skills improving/buffing barricade + 4 exotics buffing/affecting barricade = 6

Warlocks: 3 skills recharging + 1 affecting rift + 4 exotics buffing/affecting rift = 8

Hunters: 3 skills recharging + 4 skills improving/buffing dodge + 7 exotics buffing/affecting dodge = 14

Now, let us all look at the results and agree on the fact that Titans have the worst experience there. Sure, a barricade can protect from damage but we have not a single subclass using barricade for other abilities or changing its effect ingame. Warlocks have at least Arc Souls while Hunter have the most skills for them at all and the most exotics too.

Bungie, can you consider in the future for the old subclass trees to add some changes to barricades? Like for example short overshields (3-4 seconds) on casting barricades on bubble skilltree or a damage resistance during casting them so we don't die after casting it because a lag bullet went thru the barricade? Or maybe go crazy and shorten the cast time alltogether in exchange for no skills affecting the barricades.

Just give us something too.

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