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To all Voidwalkers out there: Astrocyte Verse isn’t bugged, but it might as well be.

destiny2 6 - To all Voidwalkers out there: Astrocyte Verse isn't bugged, but it might as well be.

Recently there have been posts like this one and this one claiming Astrocyte Verse to be bugged, as in, it doesn't actually ready your weapons faster out of blink. I did some testing to find out whether or not that is the case, and I also tried Ophidian Aspects as well because why not. The results are… disappointing.

This data was collected by binding my "jump" key to both spacebar and alt, and I had the onscreen stopwatch bound to my alt key as well. I used spacebar to get in the air, and then pressed alt to activate blink while also starting the timer. I then held down left click and my hand cannon (
6ZbkU59 - To all Voidwalkers out there: Astrocyte Verse isn't bugged, but it might as well be.

old fashioned) fired the instant it was able to, after exiting blink.

I then took the recording and jumped over it frame by frame, pausing it on the exact frame I saw the gun go off. I marked down what the timer said on that exact frame.

So to be clear, the data below is the time it took from blink activation to the weapon firing, not the exact amount of time spent in weapon lockout after blinking. The goal here wasn't to find the actual lockout time but the difference in lockout times when using different exotics. (Edit: I did, however, find the actual lockout time later down below).

For those curious, this is the video I used to gather the data.

No ExoticAstrocyte VerseOphidian Aspect
Average: 1.557 secondsAverage: 1.392 secondsAverage: 1.477 seconds

The difference between no exotic and Astrocyte Verse is 1.557 – 1.392 = 0.165 seconds.


The difference between no exotic and Ophidian Aspect is 1.557 – 1.477 = 0.080 seconds.

By equipping Astrocyte Verse, the entire decreased lockout period is a total of… 0.165 seconds? The exotic allows you to ready your weapon not even two tenths of a second faster, and Ophidian Aspects are even more underwhelming. Using Astrocyte for the blink distance and radar nonremoval is all well and good, but for people like me who took interest in it for the decreased lockout time, it's fairly useless. For all intents and purposes, this 0.165 second difference isn't going to mean anything and you'll get more value out of a different exotic like Transversive Steps.

Edit: u/IvanFKaramazovTR brings up a great point, in that 0.165 seconds is nearly a full average human reaction time, so astrocyte's lockout change seems to be significant. However, I did some more testing right here and it turns out, blink's total lockout time is 1.159 seconds without an exotic before you can fire your weapon, and 0.994 seconds with astrocyte verse before you can fire your weapon. To reiterate what I said there:

So, the total time with weapons locked out, even while using astrocyte, is STILL nearly a second. As in, a total of five average human reaciton times, while using the exotic. Its true that 0.165 seconds is significant in a vacuum, but when looked at it this way, why do I care if the enemy gets to shotgun me in the face 5 times, or 6? It doesn't matter that astrocyte decreased the lockout time by a reaction time if either way, I'm still dead five times over.

Edit 2: Having a lockout time is probably to prevent blink-shotgun, which was obviously an issue in year 1 of Destiny 1. However, by preventing that, the rest of the jump is effectively crippled since using it in a gunfight will result in the enemy having over a full second to freely shoot at you.

An alternative to consider could be to make the lockout shorter with Astrocyte, but for primary weapons only. That way it would be possible to blink around corners/up in the air and still be able to win a primary gunfight, but with special weapons maintaining the long lockout period, there wouldn’t be any blink shotgunning.

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