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To those two who left, I hope you liked your free defeat.

destiny2 1 - To those two who left, I hope you liked your free defeat.

I was playing a Survival: Freelance match, and the first round didn't go too well. Only got one kill and my teammates and I got trashed on. I noticed one of them left, and thought this would be a hard uphill battle.

Little did I know, it was about to get a whole lot harder.

I spawn into the next round and notice my teammate pull out his ghost. He vanished before my very eyes, and, I ain't gonna lie, I lost hope. I let them kill me once.

When I respawned, I figured I'd try my best to win a round or two. Keep my K/D up and all. I decided that if I was gonna lose, I'll make sure to kick the enemy team in the crotch on the way out.

Now, I'm rocking shoulder charge hammers with Monte Carlo, Prophet of Doom, and Mk. 44 Stand Asides. A little bit different than my usual setup, but I figured I'd try it out.

When the second round came around, everything went beautifully.

Within the first 30 seconds, I knee charged a dude so hard, his brain imploded. Another guy came around the corner and got a taste of what a ramped up Monte Carlo can do. Third guy got me though. A little later in the round, I traded with the enemy Titan, and decided to hide for rest. Won off of life advantage.

Third round went horribly

The enemy figured out they couldn't mess around, and decided to combined pushes on my positions. I died three times and loss due to them camping heavy and life advantage.

I thought to myself, Maybe I can get a second round? It seems like my luck is about to run out. Almost as quick as that thought crossed my mind, I stomped into the ground

Screw this, I'm winning this shit

Fourth round went almost exactly like the second. I popped hammers towards the beginning, and slapped a Titan, who thought he was gonna hit an MLG headshot, with the fattest hammer I've ever thrown. During the rest of the round, I evaded all three of them at once and managed to hammer an enemy hunter into the next light-year. Ended up winning based on life advantage.


The fifth round ended pretty close. Nearly got sniped twice while evading a hunter and all of them managed to converge on me in a corner, leaving me with little to do but pray I take one of them down with me. I ended the round with one life left while they had none.

The last round came up. My veins were pumping non-stop with adrenaline. This is it, I thought, This is where I make Lord Shaxx proud

The team managed to grab Wardcliff ammo, and as I was popping my last hammers, he sent me fizzling into the afterlife with arc powered mini rockets. I may have lost the hammers, but one of the hunters had casted golden gun when I died, and, fortunately, he couldn't find where I spawned.

The last two were holding onto their supers the entire match, but never used them on me. That could've put my comeback to a grinding halt, but I guess they thought they could stop me with guns alone.

That was their fatal mistake.

I was charging the Titan with my hammer strike, but missed. He ended up supressing me, but that couldn't stop my shotgun pellets from blowing a hunters head clean into the atmosphere. Me and the Titan traded, and there was 20 seconds left. I had one more life and the enemy was adamant on taking it from me.

Two of them charged me from both sides and one had fallen behind. He was pushing up the mid but wasn't fast enough to catch me. I used my overshield to take a couple rounds to the side and managed to dodge the Titan's sniper round.

I kept running. 3. 2. 1. Game over.

I turned around and danced in the enemy's face. I won against all odds.

It was the best feeling ever.

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