Destiny 2

Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Idea

destiny2 1 - Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Idea

Traveler’s Champion

You were chosen for a reason.

Exotic Kinetic Sidearm (260, 300, or 360 rpm)

Intrinsic: Not Alone: This weapon can be equipped alongside another Exotic weapon. Fires full auto.

Barrel: Fluted Barrel/Polygonal Rifling/Full Bore

Magazine: Accurized Rounds/Appended Mag/Steady Rounds

Trait: Precision Conversion: Changes this weapons fire rate to a slower, more precise firing pattern. Recoil is more vertical with this Conversion equipped.

Adaptive Conversion: Changes this weapons fire rate to a easily controllable firing pattern. Increases reload with this Conversion equipped.

Lightweight Conversion: Changes this weapons fire rate to a faster, lighter firing pattern. Move faster with this Conversion equipped.

Trait: Shine Bright: Picking up Orbs of Light automatically reloads this weapon and increases damage for a short time.

Catalyst: Orbweaver: Killing multiple enemies in quick succession drops more Orbs of Lights than normal.

Weapon stats:

Impact: 51, 49, 43

Range: 42 Max: 67 Min: 37

Stability: 55 Max: 80 Min: 45

Handling: 54 Max: 69 Min: 49

Reload: 40 Max: 70 (With Adaptive Conversion)

Aim Assist: 77

Recoil: 80 Max: 100 (With Precision Conversion)

Mag Size: 15 Max: 18 (With Appended Mag)

Lore Entry:

*Do you remember when I first rezzed you? I remember. Old Russia, the Cosmodrome. We’re lucky we made it out with our lives, those Fallen were out for blood. But we made it out, we made it back to the Tower, the Last City.


I don’t think I ever told you how resilient you really are, how… powerful you are. You’ve killed gods, god pretenders, murderous robots, nightmares…it’s amazing that didn’t die doing any of that. You deserve a little praise, here and there.

After all you’ve done, I think I finally know why I revived you, so long ago. I didn’t really know for the longest time. Was it because you were a hero in your old life? Was it your bravery? Your confidence? Maybe it was your combat abilities… I didn’t know then, but I know now. I revived you because you’re one of a kind. There isn’t any other Guardian like you, that’s a fact.

You know, there’s something I’ve been meaning to say since we got out of that Pyramid: thank you. The Traveler created me to help you, to guide you, protect you, but recently…I don’t know, I think it’s been the other way around. Sure I heal you, revive you when you’re downed, trasmat your sparrow, but you’re the one who does the fighting, the protecting. I feel safe when I’m around you. For while I was worried, after Cayde died. I was…scared, I’m not gonna lie. Learning how, fragile we can be…it’s scary, horrifying really. But we’re still here, still living, still breathing, still fighting.

We’re resilient. We fight for the Light and it wasn’t our time yet. It might be soon, or not, who knows? I sure don’t. So until then, let’s just do what we always do: Become Legends.*

-A transmission from Ghost to you, it says it was rewritten 7 different times.

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