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Trials needs to become something new. It needs to happen, and it won’t and shouldn’t play the game. Let me explain.

destiny2 7 - Trials needs to become something new. It needs to happen, and it won't and shouldn't play the game. Let me explain.

This started by watching Cammycakes' most recent video, here.

If you want to see the part I'm citing specifically, it starts here. it's about a minute or so long, and worth a listen. (though it's only two minutes in, and the context is relevant to make it not sound like such a hot take). I tried to quote the important bits, but honestly like… just listen to it, the guts aren't even 60 seconds long. For those that can't listen:

"…The problem is that Trials of Osiris is a trash, terrible gamemode. I don't even know how its popular, and I'm not just like… bringing this up for the sake of a video, I seriously don't get it. Let me know why you think this gamemode is so revered and liked…"

"…If you're asking me right now, I think the answer – and I think this is going to be a tough pill to swallow, so brace yourselves – I think the answer is people like trials of Osiris, because that gamemode existed in Destiny 1, and players used to suck at destiny, and so players with a baseline degree of competence could have fun rolling over teams…"

"…but now that everyone is good at the game, , I'd imagine that a lot of you deep down know that it's a shit gamemode and it needs reform."


Cammy is right, and trials has to be something different that 'classic trials' if it is to be an enjoyable, rewarding playlist in D2. Teamplay is fun, getting smashed by stasis and 3rd person peeking is not. Tense wins are fun, getting 5-0'ed is not. Clutching a round for your buddies is fun, lamenting the game state and logging off of discord after an hour and a half of no success, is more certainly not.

So how does trials evolve?

Now Fix Trials! Only you can do it u/PM_SHORT_STORY_IDEAS !

1) Population: It needs to be more rewarding and have more people, so here's an idea.
a) People can matchmake and play for the 3 win reward only. A card tracks your wins and losses, but 1) your card will not tally wins past 3 while not in a team and 2) you only earn the 3 win reward once, and otherwise all you get is tokens and bounty progress. You can play against premade teams in this gamemode, or against other matchmade teams.

Basically let the '3 wins and below' section give people a taste of loot, and be like the survival playlist.
–> this gets people into the playlist. If they find success, they may look for a team and try to go further.
–> stakes are low: they won't have to gather a team if they don't want to, and won't be too demoralized by losing because hey, it's matchmade. You can just keep on trying, and you are getting bounty progress and tokens anyway.


2) Balance: As for balance, well.. it's going to be bad. Destiny 2 is a PvE game that lets you loose the horrors of war upon other players, and there will be ways to kill people that don't have a ton of counterplay or don't require a lot of skill. It's just going to happen. but….
a) Any mechanic that is not on a cooldown or part of a kit, that puts you into 3rd person, is disabled.

Having a sword without ammo puts you into first person, holding an icecream cone. Emoting also keeps you in first person. Alternately, lock yourself into that emote for a set duration, like 5 seconds, and always have emotes show up in chat: make yourself a vulnerable target for players, and tell them what you are doing. 3rd person is part of destiny, but in a gamemode centered around information, it needs costs and limitations, or it needs to be gone.

If you want to see third person, use a class ability or a super, or an icarus dash or whatever.

b) (kinda. it's an idea to be tested) Heavy round sometimes plays differently than other rounds. Expand on this, have rounds that limit loadouts in certain ways. Maybe only primary ammo can be used, maybe ability regen is frozen or greatly slowed for that round, forcing gunplay and strategic use of abilities. Shake things up, and force teams that rely on one aspect of the game vastly more than another to change their strategy or eat an L. Similar to how heavy round doesn't decide a match, neither would this, but it might be a turning point or a chance to catch one's breath.

3) Rewards:
a) Give everyone more rewards. Rewards for winning more games, rewards for staying in the playlist… more rewards. More. Busted farms for exotics and legendary weapon rolls exist, so having regular, random, non-adept trials rewards rain from the sky isn't an issue. Do it.

b) Give higher skilled players more deterministic rewards. Unlocking a weapon or armor piece should let you purchase a random roll of it for tokens. This, coupled with higher token rewards later into the card, encourages skilled players not to farm the less skilled.

i) Give flawless players even MORE deterministic rewards, even going so far as to pick one of the perks on their adept weapon if they go flawless, or pick between a few rolls as a reward for hitting 7 wins, flawless or not. The best players should be able to significantly reduce the impact of poor luck, giving incentive to

Hoenestly, whether or not anyone reads this, I desperately want trials to become something good, and not just a nostalgia button that everyone says sucks balls. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you… well I'm taking a break, so I'll see you when bungie reverts sunsetting.

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