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“Tribute of The Nine” – Possible Tribute Hall Replacement

destiny2 7 - "Tribute of The Nine" - Possible Tribute Hall Replacement

“The Tribute of The Nine”

The idea: We're maybe gonna need a new Tribute Hall once content vaulting begins assuming it's considered part of "The Leviathan." Perhaps its sticking around? I have no idea. Perhaps it could use a re-work though… (I'm not a game designer, any input appreciated)


The Map: A series of islands floating over a swirling void. You know the drill. Don't fall. Slap a sky-box on it, try to keep things mostly color neutral. Visual design, not really my thing, and while I like the current Tribute Hall in terms of it being well designed, I'm not crazy about Calus' “Space Vegas” style and the visual clutter that comes with it. But obviously that's all down to preference. I went with a “The Nine” theme because I figure they'll be around and relevant for a while. It's worth noting here that I am not a game designer. I do not now, nor have I ever worked for Bungie, or any associated companies, unless Bungie bought Doordash without me noticing. I don't know how their code works, and I don't know how their engine works. I don't know their budget, or their development schedule. I'm not a game designer. Bearing all that in mind….awaaaay we go!

1 – Player Spawn (You zone in here) 2 – Ammo! (More on this below) 3 – Accouterments (Right?) 3a – Orb of Light Spawn (Drops from above) 

3b – Warmind Cell Spawn (Appears on the plate)

3c – Vault Access 

4 – Platforming Switch (Begins a timer, and start/stops the platforms moving)

4a – Platform End (Ends the timer on contact, stops/starts the platforms on Interact)
Baddie Island

5 – Weapons (Javelin, Prism, Hive Sword, The new thing, the next new thing, whatever I forgot)

6 – Fallen Boss (Basically a Captain with boss stats) 6a – Fallen Minions (Shanks, Dreg, Vandal, Captain)

7 – Vex Boss (A Hydra with boss stats?) 7a – Vex Minions (Goblin, Harpy, Hobgoblin, Minotaur)

8 – Hive Boss (Nocris maybe? Or a wizard with boss stats?) 8a – Hive Buddies (Thrall, Acolyte, Knight, Ogre)

9 – Scorned Boss (The Fanatic probably) 9a – Scorned Minions (Ravager, Wraith, Lurker, Chieftain, but you've got more options here)

10 – Cabal Boss (Dominus probably, unless the model's getting vaulted?) 10a – Little Cabals (Dogs, Legionnaire's, Phalanx, Centurion, but again…options)

11 – The New Boys! (Dunno who the big bad is) 11a – The new little guys (again, dunno)

(Note: No Taken, because I forgot them, but obviously you could add them in, though I'm pretty sure they share hit-boxes with their respective non-taken units)


(Note: You could have some fun with models here, use different “ranks” of armor, use Named NPCs as bosses, etc. More on Stats under “Triumphs”)

12 – Titan Guardian “Boss” (10 Resilience, more below) 

12a – Titan Guardian (8 Resilience)

12b – Titan Guardian (5 Resilience)

12c – Titan Guardian (1 Resilience)

13 – Warlock Guardian “Boss” (10 Resilience, 10 Recovery)

13a – Warlock Guardian (8 Resilience, 8 Recovery) 

13b – Warlock Guardian (5 Resilience, 5 Recovery)

13c – Warlock Guardian (1 Resilience, 1 Recovery) 14 – Hunter Guardian “Boss” (10 Resilience, 10 Mobility) 14a – Hunter Guardian (8 Resilience, 8 Mobility) 14b – Hunter Guardian (5 Resilience, 5 Mobility) 14c – Hunter Free-kill (1 Resilience, 1 Mobility) 

15 – A New Exotic! (and its associated quest stuff, I have some thoughts below, but obviously, Bungie has a bunch of their own exotic plans)

The Wave Pool!

The Idea here is that every enemy tribute you have toggled ON (excluding the guardians) will spawn here and advance towards you, strafing a bit, juking around, and using whatever abilities they use. Enemies CANNOT deal damage, and ignore one another (more on this under “Triumphs”)

16 – Wave Toggle Switch (on/off/hardcore?) 16a – Minor Spawn (Base, and Elite) 16b – Major Spawn (Majors – Orange Bar) 16c – Ultra Spawn (Yellow Bars)


Obviously, your Tribute Hall ships with some assembly required. I've never liked the “pay a bunch of planetary materials” system, especially since we're losing access to a bunch of these. (probably?) It also functions as a barrier for new players to the things they arguably need access to the most. The Tribute Hall is/was a great place to figure out what mods do, figure out effective weapon ranges, figure out hitboxes and crit locations. And with some added functionality it can even function as an effective shooting range for target practice, so making it a grind for new people, and just expensive for veterans might not be the best system. Though again, I'm not a game designer, so, grain of salt.


2 – Ammo! –

Primary brick spawn – 1000 Kills with Primary Ammo – retroactive

Primary Ammo Trickle – (Secret Triumph – 3000 Kills with Primary ammo – not retroactive)

Special brick spawn – 1000 Kills with Special Ammo – retroactive

Special Ammo Trickle – (Secret Triumph – 3000 Kills with Special ammo – not retroactive)

Heavy brick spawn – 1000 Kills with Heavy Ammo – retroactive

Heavy Ammo Trickle – (Secret Triumph – 3000 Kills with Heavy Ammo) – not retroactive)

Notes: I figured veterans would want to start testing stuff early, but should have something left to earn. Also 3000 kills isn't really that crazy, but again, not a game designer so…balance needed? I dunno. Also since the trickle would mess with people's testing of various things, this should be a toggle, maybe make the ammo tribute a three-way (Nice!) switch?

3 – Accouterments

Your Vault – Connect this to a quest maybe? Or just grant it from the start because DIM exists.

Orbs of Light – Generate 300 Orbs of Light with Abilities of Masterworked weapons

Permanent “Charged with light” in Tribute Hall (Secret Triumph – Spawn 1000 Orbs of Light) Toggle on/off

Warmind Cell – Create 100 Warmind Cells

All Weapons are “Seraph” inside Tribute Hall – (Secret Triumph – Create 500 Warmind Cells. Toggle on/off.

4 – Platforming

Unlock Platform switch toggle – Die to “Misadventure” 100 times. Not Retroactive. 😀


Faster platforms! (Secret Triumph – complete challenge from switch to switch in x seconds)

Even Faster platforms! (Secret Triumph – complete challenge in x/2 seconds)

Notes: A place to practice platforming, or a place to fall and die a lot. Up to you. Platforming over a void though, always fun yeah?

5 – All the Enemy Weapons that drop or spawn. This is your Javelin, your Scorch cannon, and so on. I'd say unlocking them at 100 kills with their respective weapon seems fair? Might be tricky for a few of them though, so perhaps tie it to a number of kills of their respective enemy type? I dunno. Not a game designer.

6 through 11 – The Bad Guys Notes: You know the deal. Though I'd do away with the glowing outline, and replace it with a glowing floor pad to keep line of sight clear. Toggles on and off. Tributes toggled on will spawn randomly during the Wave Pool event.


Notes: I'm not a game designer. These values might be some combination of too high/too low. I don't know if the toggle abilities thing is possible, but it seems possible? But I'm not a game designer. The Hunter would dodge between two fixed points. I went with Gambler's dodge because it changes the hit box, so it's probably more useful for target practice. Again, Bungie could have fun here, use the Zivala, Ikora, and Cayde as the bosses, give the “c” class starting armor model, and the “a” the raid set models? Just spit-balling.

12 – The Titan Guardian –

“Boss” – Kill/Assist 1000 Titans in Crucible/Gambit (Toggle able Shield ability, used on cool-down, impacted by Resilience – Secret Triumph – 500 Final Blows against Titans)

a – Kill/Assist 500 Titans in Crucible/Gambit

b – Final Blow 100 Titans in Crucible/Gambit

c – Final Blow 10 Titans in Crucible/Gambit

13 – The Warlock Guardians –

“Boss” – Kill/Assist 1000 Warlocks in Crucible/Gambit (Toggle Rift ability, used on cool-down, impacted by Recovery – Secret Triumph – 500 Final Blows against Warlocks)

a – Kill/Assist 500 Warlocks in Crucible/Gambit

b – Final Blow 100 Warlocks in Crucible/Gambit

c – Final Blow 10 Warlocks in Crucible/Gambit

14 – The Hunter Guardians –

“Boss” – Kill/Assist 1000 Hunters in Crucible/Gambit (Toggle Gambler's Dodge ability, used on cool-down, impacted by Mobility – Secret Triumph – 500 Final Blows against Hunters)

a – Kill/Assist 500 Hunters in Crucible/Gambit

b – Final Blow 100 Hunters in Crucible/Gambit

c – Final Blow 10 Hunters in Crucible/Gambit

15 – The Exotic! Maybe something Tribute Hall specific like “Bad Juju,” maybe stick a seasonal exotic in here? Whats coming up? I have no idea. I don't work for Bungie, and I'm not a game designer! But if you ask me the game sure could use….

**Exotic Sub-machine Gun - “Engagement Theory”** The requisite pun name: “Engagement Theory” - (Referencing the “Engaged Theory” originally outlined in the journal *Applied Research in the Quality of Life.* It'll make sense, I promise. Though, I'm no game designer!) Perks - 

Lightweight – 20 Mobility baby! Great for just tooling around doing whatever.

“Jealous Lover” – Automatically Dismantles Non-Quest Rare Weapons picked up by player after equipping the item and only when equipped. (I dunno if this is possible, but it'd be nice yeah? A real “Quality of Life” change one could say…)

“Sweet!” – Increases all stats by +1 while equipped or stowed (so you'd go from say 79 Resilience to 80, but not from 70 to 80)

Weapon Stats: Hidden Stats:

Impact – 24 Aim Assist – 48 Range – 50 Inventory – 50 Stability – 45 Zoom – 12 Handling – 80 Recoil – 75 Reload – 25 Bounce Intensity- 80 RPM – 750 Bounce Direction – Left Magazine – 30

Notes: A game designer, I'm not one. I don't know if either of those perks is possible. I think the stats are reasonable, but hey, not a game designer. I wanted to keep it useful, and keep it away from being an optimal DPS exotic. Its really designed to just run around with it. Gotta do the new public event? Grab your Engagement Theory! Heading out to do the flashpoint zone? Engagement Theory has your back! The goal here though is to keep it under the great stuff, but useful for the easy stuff, and super comfortable to use (Hence the weight into Stability and handling). OP? Under-P? Maybe! I'm not a game designer.

16 – The Wave Pool

Notes: The map I banged out is built around floating islands, so this could really be anywhere height-wise. I kind of like the idea of dropping down into it though. Basically, any Tributes you have toggled on will spawn randomly (though if you only have one up, its not gonna be that random yeah?) every few seconds, possibly weighted by enemy difficulty or health. Kills here **DO NOT** Count towards quests, catalyst progress, or any triumphs except the ones below. 

Kill 100 enemies (anywhere) without dying – Unlock the “Wave Pool”

(Secret Triumph – Kill 1000 enemies in the wave pool – Unlock enemy damage toggle

(Secret Triumph – Kill 1000 enemies in the wave pool with damage toggled on – ?? Maybe part of a quest chain? Maybe an element of the exotic? Maybe just a feat and an emblem? I'm not a game designer.

And that's all folks! Unless I forgot something, or misjudged something, or what-have-you. Any thoughts, comments, whatever, appreciated. Have your own ideas? Think my map sucks and you have a much cooler one? Lets see it! This took way longer than I thought it would, but was actually pretty fun, and exactly what I needed in terms of “mildly creative, completely useless.” Plus I got to re-figure out Sketch pad, and bust out my old Wacom, so all in all, a good use of a few hours. Highly recommended! Plus drawing maps made me feel like an eight year old, which was fun. Maybe some of this stuff is possible, maybe some of it isn't. I have no idea what Bungie can and cannot do. 

I'm not a game designer.

Thanks for getting this far, or scrolling down on your way to be all “this sucks, and I hate you, and this sucks!” If that's you, I would encourage you to remember, say it with me,

I'm not a game designer.

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