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Turning all Lightweight hand cannons into Adaptives was ultimately a great decision for the health of PvP.

destiny2 4 - Turning all Lightweight hand cannons into Adaptives was ultimately a great decision for the health of PvP.

I don't dislike 150s at all, actually, which the following text may contradict, but just hear me out. While not overpowered in the sense of feeling unfair, 150s have been stifling the primary Crucible meta for a while, and this new change will definitely breathe new life into the primary PvP meta. Another thing to note is that this is all purely my thoughts on what may probably happen to some degree. I can't see the future. Additionally, before I begin any of this, I already hear the adaptive auto rifle argument coming. First off, 600 ARs had a similar problem, but not for nearly as long, as they're getting a deserved small nerf with Beyond Light after over half a year or so. Plus, with these ARs, the community recognized the problem relatively quickly, which is where the main difference lies between the two weapons.

150s have always had an unshakable presence within the Crucible, but the vast minority acknowledges this. In fact, a connection could be drawn between the overtuning of 600 ARs and the dominance of 150 HCs. They've always simply been great at everything both before and after the Shadowkeep hand cannon nerf, often the best in certain categories (handling, aim assist, low zoom) with no real drawbacks. They even provide a mobility buff (and in turn, a hunter dodge buff). For a long time, they've been the single easiest and most forgiving primary weapon archetype to use with THAT low of a TTK (before 600 ARs got buffed), and somewhere down the line, they became the "standard" for primary weapons somewhere down the line, despite being one of the clear outliers for the longest time. This discreet dominance can be blamed on the other, more overpowered primaries that have always been introduced to the sandbox (Luna's/NF, Recluse, adaptive autos, etc), but that's a whole different discussion.


Now that 150s will be brought down to the level of everything else, think of all the primary weapons that will be able to shine through even more. Other hand cannon subarchetypes will finally have a reason to be used with their coming buffs and range fixes. Pulse rifles overall will finally be pushed past "off-meta options with diminishing returns compared to hand cannons" to being on the same level as them. The 600 rpm AR nerf in conjunction with the 150 removal will give the other AR buffs a chance to mean something as well, as well as giving the previously-just-okay 360 RPMs a chance to be significant without receiving a buff that would make them undoubtedly broken. Sidearms will only continue to get more recognition, even if they're already pretty decent in the current sandbox.

What this change definitely DOESN'T mean is that the primary meta in PvP will be completely fair and balanced. Scouts will still lack utility even after their aim assist buff; SMGs will still be outclassed, even within their own ranges; and bows will still be bows. This simply means that, in my opinion, the primary meta will be far more diverse come Beyond Light.

(TL;DR: Don't be lazy, read the whole thing so you don't take anything out of context.)

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