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Two REALLY fun Solo Prophecy Hunter builds you may not have thought of

destiny2 8 - Two REALLY fun Solo Prophecy Hunter builds you may not have thought of

I've never posted a guide here before so hopefully the formatting is ok. A few weeks ago I had some… interestingly rolled Bombardiers drop:

This gave me an idea for a Hunter build to Solo Flawless the Prophecy dungeon. I like to call it "Bombs Away"

The Build

  • Bottom tree tether hunter
  • Bombardiers
  • Max mobility is a MUST, I also had max discipline but that's totally optional.
  • Gambler's dodge
  • Both Hive AND Taken Barrier mods were used
  • Triple grenade launchers (yes I know I am a crazy person)
    • Mountain Top
    • Truthteller w/ Blinding or Concussion nades
    • Anarchy

How it works

The build revolves entirely around the bottom tether invis smoke and dodge. Hit the taken Knights with the Blinding/Concussion nades to stun them, quickly swap to MT then smoke yourself, run into the adds and dodge to get your melee back and watch them all go boom. Invis again to pick up motes before slamming on the plates. Ultimately, the name of the game here is playing safe and slow. The first boss encounter is IMO the hardest in the dungeon, once you get past that you're golden. The Bombardiers help immensely with add clear while you get to stay safely invisible and run away to cover. After a little trial and error I was able to Solo Flawless with this build in a couple tries. YouTube video of the run if interested (lots of profanity, be warned):


This encounter is the hardest, safe and slow is the plan. Start the encounter and position yourself so that you can immediately hit one of the Knights with the truthteller/MT combo, smoke yourself and dodge near the pack of enemies and pick up the motes, rinse and repeat. ALWAYS make sure you are able to smoke yourself BEFORE picking up that last 3 motes you need to slam the plate. SAFETY is absolutely key otherwise you will get melted. Anarchy/MT/Oppressive Darkness for damage phases, then do it all again.


More of the same, play safe and stick ONE Anarchy shot on each blight, smoke and dodge near enemies to make them go boom and refresh your melee.

Cube encounter

I ended up swapping Anarchy for Xenophage here as it one shots the snipers. This one was a little harder because the adds seem to respawn at a higher rate and can get a little out of control if you're not careful. Highly recommend clearing most of the adds before killing your first sniper and spawning the Knights. The second build I have is actually MUCH better for this encounter but I'll get to that a little further down in the post.

Final Boss

Approach this the same way as the first boss, although this is much easier to survive because there are way fewer adds. Damage phase is your typical Oppressive Darkness Anarchy/Top.



The second build I didn't end up doing Flawless with, mostly because I didn't have the patience to keep starting over and wanted to just get it done to prove I could, but I do think Flawless is possible with it.

The Build

  • Blade Barrage (yes, you heard me)
  • Assassin's Cowl
  • Max mobility is a MUST again, the only other important stat (other than recov I suppose) would be strength
  • Gambler's dodge
  • Both Hive AND Taken barrier if you can manage it, concussive dampener is also great
  • Solar Plexus
  • Triple grenade launchers again, although for first boss I used Falling Guillotine

How it works

This build is based on Blade Barrage's throwing knives and Assassin's Cowl. When you get a final blow with knives, you're granted health and invisibility. With BB's perk "Playing with Fire" stacked up to x3, you have almost constant invisibility and health regen. The ONE issue with this build is an issue with the game in general, if you're too close to an enemy you will lunge forward instead of throwing your knives. During this run 99% of the reason I died (I died a lot first encounter, only once at final boss due to this) was because we don't have separate buttons for melee and melee ability. You can watch the edited run here (profanity warning again):


Once again, easily the toughest part of the entire dungeon. This time I had an autoloading holster truthteller with blinding nades instead of the other one with concussion nades. Position yourself to instantly shoot a Knight with the blinding nade truthteller, quickly swap to MT and that leaves the Knight with JUST enough health to throw your knives and go invis to pick them up. You will almost never run out of adds to throw your knives at so use them liberally. ALWAYS throw your knives before picking up the last of the motes to slam on plates. This run was not at all smooth and I could definitely clean it up but I was starting to get frustrated after spending a couple hours dying to melee lunges when I should've thrown knives. I also used Falling Guillotine here instead of Anarchy because in theory you get way more damage out and can always fall back and throw knives at an add if you're low on health.


Same as the last run, one Anarchy shot on each blight, throw knives as needed.

Cube encounter

I found this build to be WAY more effective in this encounter than tether. Once the adds spawn you can take your time and build up Playing with Fire before killing snipers and spawning the Knights. Truthteller + MT + Knives wombo combo and you're big chillin through this one.

Final Boss

I only died once on this phase and it was once again a melee issue. Otherwise, same as before. Truthteller + MT + Knives wombo combo again. Anarchy/MT on the boss until he's dead.

These builds were a lot of fun to theorycraft and put into practice, hope you enjoy! I'll be torturing myself in Prophecy trying other neat/unusual builds 🙂

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