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Tying ‘Fallen S.A.B.E.R.’ into the narrative of the game. How Bungie could’ve updated the Strike dialogue to make the strike fit the context of D2:

destiny2 6 - Tying 'Fallen S.A.B.E.R.' into the narrative of the game. How Bungie could've updated the Strike dialogue to make the strike fit the context of D2:

This season Bungie brought back the other 2 Cosmodrome strikes from Destiny 1. From a gameplay POV I absolutely love it, I loved both these strikes so much and they feel amazing to play in Destiny 2 as well.

However a common critique people interested in the narrative of Destiny have is that 'The Disgraced' strike (previously 'Will of Crota') was updated to fit the context of the game (part of the New Light quest), thus setting the precedent that the other 2 strikes promised later would be too, which they were not. It's already been discussed why and how this is a bad choice on Bungie's part so that's not what I'm here for.

Instead I spent a few hours tonight, letting my creativity come up with a new minor plot and context for the Strike to exist in Destiny 2 today, instead of using the out of date (by like 5 years) dialogue. It uses a few of the original lines because the writing just fit or I liked the lines so there's a few familiarities in here probably.

{ All Rasputin dialogue would keep exactly the same as the D1 original version, but the effects would be updated to match his D2 speech }

This was my rendition of what COULD be.

(However honestly Bungie if you decided to change the dialogue of the strike after like a season to make it work i don't think anyone would mind)

Zavala: "Guardian, as you may know when Ana evacuated Mars upon the arrival of the pyramids, she managed to salvage some part of Rasputin’s AI from his core facility there."

"Unfortunately any progress on reawakening whatever was left is slow."

"Ana received a coded transmission, supposedly from Rasputin himself, alerting her to a breach in one of his old Warsat facilities in the Cosmodrome. "

"Before I authorise anything, I need you to validate the distress call is real."

Rasputin: { I am in danger, the systems are damaged. }

Ghost: "Zavala, we’ve confirmed the distress beacon origin: There’s an old Warsat bunker along the coast."

Zavala: "Affirmative Ghost, You’re cleared to engage, Get in there, assess the threat and aid Rasputin."

Rasputin: { Warsat launched, access codes are inside. }

Ghost: "Rasputin is dropping a Warsat from Earth’s Orbit, It'll contain the codes we'll need to get inside the bunker"

Ghost: "I’m going as fast as I can, You’d think being put in an engram might give him some sympathy and he’d make this a little easier on us"

{ OR }

Ghost: "Sorry this is taking so long, Rasputin could’ve made the sequence a little less complex, it also doesn’t help that I’m not that great at math …"

{ OR }

Ghost: "Sorry, just a little longer, all this time and Rasputin is still testing me "

Ghost: "Got the codes, lets get inside"

Rasputin: { Access granted, protocol annulled. }

Zavala: "Umm, Ana says … and I quote “Big Red detects a Fallen invasion party flying House of Dusk colours … but apparently they arrived in the Cosmo from Europa?” "

Ghost: "Europa? Maybe Eramis’s Fallen found something in the Clovis Bray facilities there about a list of facilities on Earth and now they’re back to scavenging the remains of our Golden Age again."

Zavala: "I guess old Habits die hard"

Ghost: "I could try to override Rasputin’s systems, but there’s no telling what reactive measures might be in place. There must be another way to bypass things."


{ OR }

Ghost: "I can try to override his system locks, but Rasputin's reaction to a hack might be… extreme. Must be some other way to bypass his systems."

Rasputin: { System breached, damage sustained, planning counter-actions. }

Ghost: "That sounded like it hurt … (Whispers) Sorry!"

{ OR }

Ghost: "Ooh… okay… wow. He is… really pretty mad at us! I think he–yes. Yes, he just threatened us with orbital death from above. Let's get moving!"

{ OR }

Zavala: "Ana has another message: “Big Red isn’t happy, stop breaking things” "

"You can apologise later, for now keep moving"

Ghost: "Oh great. Arc discharge, we must’ve overloaded something"

Zavala: "It’s just a little zap Guardian, you’ve been through worse"

{ OR }

Zavala: "All that Raw power … One day if Ana can reconnect Rasputin to his network, he will be a valuable ally to the City"

{ OR }

Ghost: "This Arc energy is coming from the depths of Rasputin's power grid. It's similar to what we use to power the City, but its drift velocity is totally different than ours… fascinating"

Ghost: "It’s still amazing that this bunker hasn’t been raided again since the Red War, with how much incredible technology Rasputin has down here, I guess Guardian presence before hand was pretty good deterrent"

{ OR }

Zavala: "Ana says Rasputin is genuinely worried, The fallen are attempting to bypass the database and gain direct control of the Warsats. That cannot be allowed to happen."

{ OR }

Ghost: "As a fellow inorganic life-form, I just want to note that Rasputin has a much better setup than I do! He has a secret bunker with space weapons! (sarcastically) I live in your backpack."

Rasputin: { High priority to mobile unit– }

Ghost: " That Shank’s been modified to crack Rasputin’s systems, guess the side effect is it needs to be slightly… bigger than normal… OK, Lets take it out"

Zavala: "Ana says that Rasputin has gone silent again and the transmission has stopped, she sends her thanks on his behalf."

"I'm sending a team in behind you to seal the vault, the Fallen wont claim anything from this breach"

{ OR }

Ghost: "You know, they probably built that thing out of scrap from the Cosmodrome… it's lucky that it managed to work as well as it did. Maybe it was the size… it was pretty big–for a Shank. Hmm… would I be more useful with a larger chassis?"

Zavala: "(flatly) Yes… In any case Guardian, that was impressive work as always. The skies will remain free of threats for now and Rasputin’s assets are secure for him to come back to at some point."

{ OR }

Zavala: "I will inform Ana that the bunker is cleared of threats and it will be sealed behind you."

"Don’t forget you owe Rasputin an apology for that explosion, I’m sure he isn’t one to forget"

So this was just something I did for fun and I know it's probably the best in any sense.

If theres any feedback do give it, I can try improve any future writing I do.

Also I might do Devil's Lair at some point, again just for fun.

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