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Ultimate To-Do list BEFORE September

destiny2 4 - Ultimate To-Do list BEFORE September

Welcome to the Ultimate "To-Do" or "Acquire" list for all the content that is going to get vaulted in September. Below I will point out everything that you need to acquire (Even if the loot is terrible or if you are a completionist) before it goes away forever until it gets unvaulted someday.


  • 40 Override frequency nodes collected for the Warminded Emblem
  • Acquire Sleeper Simulant by completing the quest-line "Violent Intel"
  • Acquire Polaris Lance by completing the quest-line "Nascent Dawn"
  • Acquire and collect all of the Escalation Protocol armour and the IKELOS weapons. Note: BOTH the Armour and IKELOS weapons are required for the Wayfearer title.
  • Braytech Osprey rocket launcher drops from the "Strange Terrain" Nightfall Strike Note: This is required for Wayfarer title
  • Worm God Incantation Transmat effect drops from "Will of the Thousands" Nightfall Strike
  • Shoot all Memory Fragments scattered across Mars. 30 for Worldline Zero exotic sword and 45 for G-335 Anseris Overdrive sparrow.
  • Hit all bosses from Escalation protocol with Worldline Zero for its catalyst. Note: This will take you 5 weeks as you need to hit ALL of the separate bosses on wave 7 of Escalation Protocol
  • Acquire Lumina by doing its respective quest. You will need to either do Blind well, Black Armory forges or do Escalation protocol to count for its quest and later do the Will of the Thousands and shoot 11 Crystals throughout the strike.
  • All vendor engram loot from Ana Bray wont be acquirable anymore


  • Acquire all of the Prophecy weapons from Brother Vance. Note: This will take some time as you can only acquire 3 prophecy weapons per week
  • Acquire Sagira's Shell after acquiring every single Prophecy weapon
  • Universal Wavefunction exotic ship drops from "A Garden World" Nightfall.
  • D.F.A Handcannon drop from "Tree of Probabilities" Nightfall.
  • All vendor engram loot from Brother Vance wont be acquirable anymore
  • There are 3 emblems for each respective class upon equipping all armor pieces from Brother Vance.


  • Silicon Neuroma Sniper rifle is acquired from the "Pyramidion" Nightfall
  • Complete the "Dynasty" quest-line to acquire "Man'o'War" legendary fusion rifle
  • Acquire Whisper of the Worm from the "Whisper" dungeon. Complete it's heroic version of the dungeon to acquire its catalyst and the ship "A Thousand Wings"
  • All vendor engram loot from Asher Mir wont be acquirable anymore


  • Complete "Enemy of my Enemy" world quest-line to acquire the Rat King quest-line.
  • Duty Bound auto rifle drops from "Savathûn's Song" Nightfall Strike.
  • Acquire the Fallen Transponder to continue the quest-line for "Outbreak Perfected"
  • All vendor engram loot from Sloane wont be acquirable anymore.
  • Our Precious boi Greg is going on a vacation sadly.

Notes for Destinations

Currently on these 4 destinations, there are some Blue and Green rarity armor and weapons that are acquired only from the adventures on those destinations.


Try to also acquire Ace of Spades as you need to go on Io and Titan. Thorn heavily relies on Titan as there's a whole strike for it.

There are Ghost Scannables on those destinations you may like to check out if you are a completionist. Some of them may give lore.


  • All Menagerie loot will leave. That includes the exclusive armor from the Chalice as well as the weapons.
  • Heroic Menagerie swords will also leave as well so try to acquire them on Warlock, Titan and Hunter.
  • The exotic quest-line "A Scrap of Paper" that drops Truth can be acquired in the Menagerie. Note: I believe you need to do Menagerie the week "Arunak, Beloved by Calus" is the boss in order for the quest to drop.
  • The sparrow and ghost drop from the triumphs related to the Menagerie.
  • Our Precious Boi's brother Steve is leaving on vacation too from the Tribute hall Note: Yes. Tribute hall is leaving as well.
  • Izanagi's Burden Catalyst drops from Heroic menagerie
  • Bad Juju is tied to the Other Side mission. It's catalyst is tied behind 45 tributes placed.

Leviathan, Eater of worlds and Spire of Stars

  • Complete "On the Comms" quest-line to acquire Legend of Acrius
  • Complete Prestige version encounters of Leviathan to acquire the Catalyst for Legend of Acrius
  • Acquire all the loot including weapons, armor and Prestige variants of the armor.
  • Skyburner's Oath catalyst has a chance to drop from normal Leviathan
  • Telesto Catalyst drops from Prestige Eater of Worlds
  • Sleeper Simulant catalyst drops from Prestige Spire of Stars
  • Dont forget to flex on others with the Luxurious emote from Spire of Stars!

Crown of Sorrows and Scourge of the Past

  • All of the weapons and armor will be vaulted. Try your best to acquire them as they may still be useful despite their sunset.
  • Tarrabah drops from the last boss of Crown of Sorrows.
  • Anarchy drops from the last chest of Scourge of the Past.
  • Fallen mods currently drop from Scourge.
  • Hive mods currently drop from either Crown or Heroic Menagerie.
  • Always on Time sparrow drops from Scourge.


  • All Black Armory forge related loot will be vaulted including the Armor from forges and the Craftable weapons from the Forges.
  • This includes Jötunn and Le Monarque. They currently are quests at Ada-1.
  • Izanagi's Burden quest can be acquired by getting the Mysterious Box quest-line at the Volundr Forge. Later on during the quest you need to go into the Leviathan to kill watchers in the underbelly to acquire Watcher Lens.

That's all. If I missed anything please do let me know and I will add it with an edit. Thank you for reading.

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