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Unlocking PvP pinnacle weapons should be on par with PvE pinnacle weapons

destiny2 10 - Unlocking PvP pinnacle weapons should be on par with PvE pinnacle weapons

Let me make something clear first. I unlocked Recluse, Lunas, Mountain Top, and Redrix, so this isn't a crybaby post. I'm taking an objective look at the big picture and suggesting what's best for the longevity of PvP in Destiny. There will be those of you with these weapons that love stomping guardians without them, I urge you to please see both sides of the fence before slapping downvote and stroking your ego.

I'm going to compare two specific weapons first but the concept applies to any of them (except Not Forgotten).

Breakneck PvE Pinnacle = 40 Gambit Matches, 500 Auto Rifle Kills, 100 AR Multi Kills, 150 Challenging Enemies

Note that any guardian can unlock Breakneck by putting in the time and effort. 40 matches is a bit of a grind, but there's measurable progress and incentive to keep grinding away.

Recluse PvP Pinnacle = 2100 Glory Rating + X Wins

Note this can take 20 matches, it can take 200 matches, or it can take 2,000+ matches and you still don't have the weapon. This season is a bit easier, but it made me a bitter person who ignored many responsibilities for a week to unlock it.

Now we have a pinnacle PvP weapon in a league of its own

Not Forgotten Pinnacle = 5450 Glory Rating + X Luna's Howl Kills

Note that <1% of the playerbase can legitimately reach 5450 Glory. This leads to guardians lying, cheating, and stealing their way to those ranks. This wouldn't be an issue if NF was a fun and unique weapon balanced with the rest. Unfortunately NF is the best weapon in the game, and can only be unlocked by the best players in the game. Bungie seemed to realize the mistake given the past two seasons' pinnacle weapons at 2100 only, but it continues to negatively impact the game.


If you ask anyone playing Comp why they're playing Comp, 99.99% of the time they will tell you it's only for the rewards. Bungie is forcing us into a broken game mode than people don't enjoy, just to get the rewards. This is an issue on its own.

The way to solve this is to tune the unlocking mechanics of PvP pinnacle weapons to bring them in line with PvE pinnacle weapons, allowing the more average players among us to have a shot at them.

Recluse Example = 40 Crucible Matches, 500 SMG Kills, 100 SMG Multi Kills, 150 Orbs Generated

Not Forgotten Example = 100 Rumble Wins, 1000 Hand Cannon Kills, 200 Hand Cannon Precision, 20 First Place Finishes

(Note a Rumble "win" is top 3. Also I suggest Rumble because NF is the 1v1 duelers dream weapon)

These examples are just throwing numbers around but the concept is simply bringing them in line with PvE pinnacle weapons to allow the average guardian a chance at unlocking them by putting in the time. If you want to reward guardians at the 2100 and 5450 Comp thresholds, do that in the form of a cosmetic (shader, emblem, sparrow, whatever).

EDIT – It just occurred to me unlocking the Iron Banner pinnacle weapon Wizened Rebuke was well implemented imo. A long and challenging grind with measurable progress and no way to lose that progress.

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